Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Linen Cupboard

I have been following The Organised Housewife for a few months now and thought I'd get on board with her decluttering and organising.

Well the other day was the linen presses turn. I decluttered and organised it only a few months ago so a declutter wasn't really in order but the two shelves that we use most (our sheets, towels and boys sheets) have become a mess.

Here is my before pic:

So I got to pulling everything out a shelf or two at a time. So I didn't think I needed to declutter 3 things right. Well I decluttered more than that. I found a bathmat we never use, some old hand towels, a few very yucky small baby face washers, a couple of double fitted sheets and a cot pillow and matching quilt set that I have never liked so only been an occasional use spare.
So the quilt and pillow went out to the youngest dogs bed and she was starting to get cold with the change of season. And the rest has gone in a garbage bag to go to our eldest. He moved out of home a year ago and is finally not sharing and needs stuff.

And the after:

Top shelf: Single bed sheets the boys will use when they get their single beds later this year. They are currently in toddler beds. Quilt set to go in the camper, a couple of hanging organisers. Boys Santa stockings

2nd shelf: Mostly the boys linen, plus a spare quilt and sheet set for us. I have moved the flannelette sheets to the front as I have put them on the boys bed now, cotton ones are behind.

3rd shelf towels. Sorted into bath mats, hand towels and face washers. Beach towel behind those, our regular use towels and spare guest towels behind them.

4th shelf: blankets and lambs wools

Bottom shelf: spare double underlay, spare quilt for the camper, a couple of single bed blankets the boys will use later.

I love to look at my linen press now. Lets hope it stays so organised!

Take Care


  1. I actually thought it looked pretty good to start with! Glad you feel better about it though.