Sunday, March 27, 2011

Menu Planning

I love to Menu Plan!!!!!

I have been menu planning since Randall (now 15) was a few months old.
I'll post a nice story about how all that came about one day soon.

I saw on The Organised Housewife how you can link up your menu plan to her page so thought I'd post my fortnightly menu plan even though the fortnight is almost over.

Thurs - Spag Bol (cheating and using a couple of cans of Campbells Spaghetti Sauce in a can, it's shopping night so easy)
Fri - Fish and veg
Sat - Chicken and vegie soup
Sun - Corned Beef
Mon - Steak and veg (doing Donna Hay inspired veg mmm)
Tues - Baked chicken
Wed - Beef Stroganoff

Thurs - Steak sandwiches
Fri - Snags and veg
Sat - Vegie soup
Sun - Corned Beef
Mon - Osso Bucco
Tues - Chicken and Leek Pie
Wed - Tortilla Stacks
We are now up to sunday of week two and a few things have been switched around. For instance I forgot to get the Corned Beef out of the freezer yesterday so I am switching with monday nights dinner. When I went to the butchers they didn't have any of the Osso Bucco that was on special out, so I switched it for 3 pieces (little kids will have snags) of texas tbone. I have it in the slow cooker now with a little beef stock powder and some crushed herbed tomatoes.

Take Care


  1. I made a really nice chilli con carne last night, and the worst cornbread ever. Oh well, can't win 'em all!

  2. Congratulations on your first post Becci! I look forward to many more of your meal plans and other tales of domesticity :)
    All the best with your new blog xx

  3. The blog looks great Becci, I look forward to reading your journey!!
    Thankyou for sharing your meal plan!!