Sunday, April 3, 2011

Laundry Room

During March Kat at The Organised Housewife encouraged us and set tasks to help us declutter and clean our laundry rooms.
Some of the tasks included:
Declutter 5 things from under your laundry sink
Declutter the little laundry cupboard
Wash your Washing Machine

I had such a bust time that I just didn't get to do one thing at a time. So I set aside last Saturday to get it all done instead.

Our laundry has two parts. The main laundry and then a back part that would have been the back porch originally that has been inclosed.
This houses our big laundry cupboard and deep freeze and you can access the back from here too.

I started with the first on the list. I only have a couple of buckets under my laundry trough so I cleaned out my large laundry cupboard.
There isn't much storage in my laundry so we have placed a louvered cupboard out there to store things like cleaning products, green shopping bags, rags and old towels and toilet paper.

I forgot to take some befores oops. Things just needed a tidy up and a bit of a purge form the top two shelves. I had fish food and supplies and I haven't kept fish for at least 7 years!

Here are the afters:

 Top shelf: less used cleaning items like metho and leather cleaner, stain for our outdoor setting, light globes, kids mini water pistols, lantern etc
2nds shelf: Toilet paper, iron, nebuliser and spare drinks

 3rd shelf: Regularly used cleaning products

4th shelf: old towels for cleaning and rags
5th shelf: Green bags and toilet seat insert

I managed to get half a shopping bag full of stuff out for the bin!

Then I pulled the cupboard and deep freezer out and cleaned behind.
took the curtains down and washed them and cleaned the windows. I hate these curtains. Mum came over and measured up the window and is altering another curtain so that it will fit there nicely for me :)

Then I moved into the main part of the laundry. I got Brian to helped me pull the washing machine forward so I could clean behind there.
Scrubbed the trough.
Decluttered the top cabinet.
Scrubbed the floors and wiped the walls down.
Ironed!!! everything in my basket (there are now 4 shirts waiting to be done).
Then I ran the washing machine on a hot wash with a glug of vinegar in it to clean it out. Worked a treat!!!!
Cleaned all the filters and soap dispenser and gave it all a wipe down. didn't realise how grubby it has actually got! It shines now!

I forgot to take pics of it all nice and clean the other day. How silly. So I just quickly popped out there and took a couple.

Now it's all done!!!!!

The next task Kat has us working on is our broom cupboard. I have done half of it and will hopefully get to the other half today. Stay tuned for a post on that!

Take Care

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  1. What an inspiration, you have just reminded me of something else I should get done...I must check this Kat out too....I would benefit from a weekly challenge like that....keep up the good work.