Monday, May 16, 2011

Scrummy dishcloths, swaps and special parcels

Be warned girls this is a long post!

I had been contemplating crocheting my own dishcloths for a couple of days when I found this post at Rhondas Down to Earth blog.

You see for years I have always used the 'Wonder' type cloths which last for months then go into the rag bag for dusters once they are passed it for dishcloths.
Then a few months back our dishcloth went missing. It simply vanished and I didn't have a spare. So I grabbed an old face washer out of the cupboard and used that instead.
It did sure a wonderful job that I decided to keep using them. After a while they were looking pretty ratty (didn't help that I had a son who insisted on wiping the blade of my sharp knives so that it cut the facewashers grrrr he's learnt now luckily) so I needed to buy more.
That's when I happened along the idea of crocheting my own. I thought it couldn't be that hard. I had made my own pot holders a few years ago and dishcloths would be similar. I just wouldn't make them double thickness.

The post on Rhondas blog talked about a dishcloth swap so I joined up and started practicing.
I loved the look of the basket/waffle weave cloths so adapted a pattern from a couple of different ones I found on the net and this is what I came up with.

Doesn't it look so lovely???
I was very happy with it although the scalloped border was a little uneven and try as I might I just couldn't get it right.

So I thought I'd try a different pattern. One that didn't use as much cotton. This above one used a whole ball! Also one that I could do a plain edging too.
Here it is:
I didn't bother to block the dishcloths, didn't really see the point.
With this pattern I think I could get about 3 dishcloths to the ball too.

So I thought this would be a good pattern to use for my swap. It was stated in the 'swap rule' that we could add a couple of extra items to our dishcloth IF we wanted to so thought I'd make a set of three dishcloths in coordinating colours.
I chose citrus colours seeing as it's coming into winter here and these colours would brighten any kitchen.

Aren't they pretty?!

I hooked up a white doily to go with and then the parcel was ready to be on it's way to Nelly, my swap partner, come shopping day.

Well shopping day came and I could not for the life of me find Nellys parcel!
I hunted high and low all Thursday and Friday and could not find it.
I gave in and started a new set. Was half way through the last item and I found the parcel! It had fallen down behind a shoebox of embellies in my scrap room!
so guess who else has a set now??? Me!!!!!

The next day I received my parcel form Nelly. OMG it was so lovely!

Isn't it lovely?!
can't believe Nelly learnt to knit for this swap, she has such even stitches!
I have been using the soap and it's very moisturising. It's a facial soap so have go my pimply teenage son onto it seeing as he's been begging for pimple stuff that the budget just hasn't been stretching for lately.
The roundit's on my fridge,
and last week I used the dishcloth, which was lovely and thick to use.

Then of course I was addicted to hooking dishcloths wasn't I.
So thought I'd hook up a nice rainbow set for my dear friend Sam, who has needed some cheering up and I know would appreciate them.

Now wouldn't these just brighten your day?

Sam loved them but couldn't bring herself to use them as dishcloths so she's going to use them as facecloths.

If you've read this far WTG and thank you!
If this post has inspired you to make some dishcloths or facewashers then I'd love to see your work.

Take Care


  1. Ooooh WOW!!!!!!! What a simple brilliant idea. I was taught to crochet when I was about 10 and have forgotten it all. Maybe when the kids are a little older, I will pick it up again!

    Well done to you.

    Oh and I too like use face washers! :)

  2. I think you have taken the humble washcloth to new heights...they are beautiful. Aren't swaps good fun and a lovely way to make new friends?

    coffeee Sue @ DTE

  3. Oh Becci, your'e dishcloths are delightful. I am so lucky to have them, Mum was jealous, but she also received hers the other day......I'm glad you are pleased with your dishcloth and the soap should be great for your son. I can't wait for the next swap, aren't they fun. Love your blog too!!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous Becci! They would almost make me actually enjoy washing dishes! I really should get on with knitting some.

  5. Becci! I stopped by after you mentioned Scrap booking in the DTE weekend thread your dishcloths are simply stunning!!! I would love something bright like that in my kitchen you may have inspired me :)