Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Parmy Meatloaf

This week I thought I'd try my version of a new recipe I saw online somewhere (been looking online for ages and just can't seem to find it).
The original recipe was for a chicken meatloaf with a parmy topping. So I converted it to use my rissole mixture.

I made my basic rissole mix (mince, breadcrumbs, eggs, grated carrots, onion, relish) and pushed into the bottom of a casserole dish (sprayed with oil first).
Then poured over half a jar (might need more if your dish has a wider base) of jarred pasta sauce,
 then topped with grated cheese.
I baked at 180C for about an hour.

Served up with veggies.

This was a big hit. I'll definitely be making this again!

Take Care


Monday, June 27, 2011

Lime Tree Creations Competition and Giveaway!

Only 3 days left to get your entries in for the June Competition at Lime Tree Creations and win this scrummy pack of goodies.
You can find all the details here.

The Giveaway ends at the end of the month too, for all the details click here.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011


This is (hopefully) a weeks worth of fruit for us. My littlies are mad for fruit, they'd eat it all day.

Speaking of my fruit monsters. Here's a pic taken about a year ago of them getting into the fruit bowl after dinner one night.
I miss this fruit bowl. It was the center piece at my baby shower. Pity it didn't bounce :(

Take Care

Menu Plan 23rd June - 6th July

This weeks Menu plan I am trying different ways to use cooked chicken meat.
One very economical meat is a whole chicken. There are so many things you can do with it. You can get at least 3 meals for a large family like ours form one good sized bird.
This fortnight I plan to boil it up for stock and make a chicken and veg soup. I will use some meat for a chicken lasagna and more for pizza night. I have more in the freezer from the other week and I'll make a chicken casserole with this too.

This fortnights plan:
Thurs - Low Fat Creamy Tomato Tuna Pasta and Garlic Bread
Fri - Beef mice stroganoff, rice and veg
Sat - Chicken and veg soup
Sun - Corned Beef and veg with white sauce
Mon - Pizzas (Hawaiian and bbq chicken)
Tues - Parmy Meatloaf (new recipe)
Wed - Chicken Lasagna

Thurs - Spaghetti Bolognaise and Garlic Bread
Fri - Hamburgers
Sat - Pumpkin soup
Sun - Roast Chicken and veg
Mon - Devilled sausages and veg
Tues - Chicken and veg casserole
Wed - Shepherds Pie

We still have so much left in the freezer that I am refusing to bake this fortnight. If, by some miracle, we run out I always have the makings for cakes and biscuits though.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Baking

Saturday is my usual baking day. I did tonnes last weekend which most of it's in the freezer so I didn't really have to bake, but my in laws are coming over tomorrow to help Brian cut down our tall corner tv unit unto a smaller one. In preparation for us buying a flat screen later on.

So what was on the menu I hear you ask?

It had to be Rhondas Whole Orange Cake to start with! I made a couple of wednesday morning. One to take to a friends house for a cuppa and play date for the boys and one for us. It was soooo yummy!

Plus I wanted to make some more Pumpkin Scones from Play Time Snacks but with sultanas in them. Then I remembered that I had used the last of the sultanas last saturday so decided to be a tad naughty and add some choc chips OMG they are sooo yummy!!!!!!!

Don't worry about the iridescent colour of the scones that's just the Kent pumpkin.

I'm going to try some variations of these scones. First up will be a batch of wholemeal ones tomorrow morning. Then in the week I'll try to cut out the sugar too.

Would love to hear form you if you try either of these recipes they are two of my faves!

Take Care

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Menu Plan 8th June ~ 21st June

This fortnights menu plan is going to be wonderfully cheap thanks to winning a meat tray at the local pub when we were out for dinner the other Friday night and some awesome bargains I got today at Rite Price. Including diced bacon pieces for $3.95/kg bag, 50c hokkien noodles, and $4.95/kg frozen hoki!

So without further to do

Thurs - Shepherds Pie (we were meant to have this Tuesday night but it didn't happen)
Fri - Baked Chicken rolled thighs and veg (meat tray winnings)
Sat - Hocks and veggie soup
Sun - Corned Beef
Mon - Sausages and veg
Tues - Pork sweet and sour (going to cut up one of the smaller roasts)
Wed - Chow Mein (50c hokkien noodles)

Thurs - Lasagna (will make a hug batch of sauce to use later int he week too)
Fri - Snitzels and Veg (meat tray winnings)
Sat - Pumpkin soup
Sun - Roast Pork
Mon - Quiche (use that diced bacon)
Tues - Burgers
Wed - Spaghetti Bolognaise

Pizza Scrolls x2 using some of the diced bacon
Cake mix cookies x2
Pumpkin and sultana scones
Fish Fingers using the hoki

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Lemons Lemons Lemons

A coworker of Brians has a lemon tree and has been giving us some lemons of late. I had quite a few left so did some baking which I thought was going to get rid of the last of them when Brian came home with half a shopping bag full of MORE LEMONS!!!!!
What to do with them all. Sure I could juice them all and freeze in ice cube trays, but we honestly don't use that much lemon juice.
Then I remembered about a post on Down To Earth for the lovely pioneeress Nelly (the same lovely lady that I swapped dishcloths with) about Citrus Cleaners. All you need to do is half to three quarters fill a container with ordinary cheap white vinegar then top it up with citrus peel. Ones it has steeped for a few weeks you can then dilute with water and use as Spray n Wipe.
She has two on the go, one lemon, one orange and uses them for different parts of the house.
So I gave that a go.

This is how it started off. It's now full to the brim!

I thought I'd then have a go at making some lemon curd. I haven't really used lemon curd before but with all the homely inspiration from the DTE girls and watching MasterChef I just had to give it a go. I have Stephanie Alexanders Cook's Companion book here for about 5 years and can you believe that I haven't made a recipe out of it yet! I have referenced it but not one recipe!
I checked out a couple of different recipes for lemon curd and Stephanies was a smaller batch, so thought that would be a good idea in case it didn't turn out to well.
I also made some Lemon cordial from Down To Earth forum too.

The recipe didn't make as much lemon curd as I thought but it is nice. The boys are loving having a glass of homemade lemon cordial with their dinner at night too. Ethan chooses it over the commercial stuff!

I was very lucky to get to use my Nannas green glass juicer to squeeze all this lemon juice. Just love vintage stuff.

Take Care