Friday, June 3, 2011

Lemons Lemons Lemons

A coworker of Brians has a lemon tree and has been giving us some lemons of late. I had quite a few left so did some baking which I thought was going to get rid of the last of them when Brian came home with half a shopping bag full of MORE LEMONS!!!!!
What to do with them all. Sure I could juice them all and freeze in ice cube trays, but we honestly don't use that much lemon juice.
Then I remembered about a post on Down To Earth for the lovely pioneeress Nelly (the same lovely lady that I swapped dishcloths with) about Citrus Cleaners. All you need to do is half to three quarters fill a container with ordinary cheap white vinegar then top it up with citrus peel. Ones it has steeped for a few weeks you can then dilute with water and use as Spray n Wipe.
She has two on the go, one lemon, one orange and uses them for different parts of the house.
So I gave that a go.

This is how it started off. It's now full to the brim!

I thought I'd then have a go at making some lemon curd. I haven't really used lemon curd before but with all the homely inspiration from the DTE girls and watching MasterChef I just had to give it a go. I have Stephanie Alexanders Cook's Companion book here for about 5 years and can you believe that I haven't made a recipe out of it yet! I have referenced it but not one recipe!
I checked out a couple of different recipes for lemon curd and Stephanies was a smaller batch, so thought that would be a good idea in case it didn't turn out to well.
I also made some Lemon cordial from Down To Earth forum too.

The recipe didn't make as much lemon curd as I thought but it is nice. The boys are loving having a glass of homemade lemon cordial with their dinner at night too. Ethan chooses it over the commercial stuff!

I was very lucky to get to use my Nannas green glass juicer to squeeze all this lemon juice. Just love vintage stuff.

Take Care


  1. We had a lemon tree at our old place, and I have been caught in just such a situation. We just made lots of lemon cordial and lemon tart etc. I also gave lemons to a friend who makes lemon butter.

    We cheat and use an electric juicer. Love your vintage one though!

  2. Thanks Becci for the mention...I just picked my 9 lemons off my tree...the very first lemons I have ever grown....I am planning to make lemon butter with what your upto, and such a lovely blog to boot.