Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Menu Plan 8th June ~ 21st June

This fortnights menu plan is going to be wonderfully cheap thanks to winning a meat tray at the local pub when we were out for dinner the other Friday night and some awesome bargains I got today at Rite Price. Including diced bacon pieces for $3.95/kg bag, 50c hokkien noodles, and $4.95/kg frozen hoki!

So without further to do

Thurs - Shepherds Pie (we were meant to have this Tuesday night but it didn't happen)
Fri - Baked Chicken rolled thighs and veg (meat tray winnings)
Sat - Hocks and veggie soup
Sun - Corned Beef
Mon - Sausages and veg
Tues - Pork sweet and sour (going to cut up one of the smaller roasts)
Wed - Chow Mein (50c hokkien noodles)

Thurs - Lasagna (will make a hug batch of sauce to use later int he week too)
Fri - Snitzels and Veg (meat tray winnings)
Sat - Pumpkin soup
Sun - Roast Pork
Mon - Quiche (use that diced bacon)
Tues - Burgers
Wed - Spaghetti Bolognaise

Pizza Scrolls x2 using some of the diced bacon
Cake mix cookies x2
Pumpkin and sultana scones
Fish Fingers using the hoki

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Take Care


  1. Love it Becci! Wish I lived at your house lol :) But you've inspired me. Must try pumpkin scones this week! I've never made them but I love to eat them..

  2. Love your plan. Some goodies on that list. Lucky you winning the meat tray, that will be a great help with your budget.

    You have given me some ideas for my menu planning, which is something I always struggle with.

  3. Yum - I'm a sucker fro sweet and sour - great menu plan Becci !
    Love that way your menu is so diverse, no room for a boring dinner there :)

    P.S. going the camper trailer - canvas on a 4WD trailer so we can get a bit more back country :)

  4. Looks like a great week! Thanks for sharing the link.