Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Baking

Saturday is my usual baking day. I did tonnes last weekend which most of it's in the freezer so I didn't really have to bake, but my in laws are coming over tomorrow to help Brian cut down our tall corner tv unit unto a smaller one. In preparation for us buying a flat screen later on.

So what was on the menu I hear you ask?

It had to be Rhondas Whole Orange Cake to start with! I made a couple of wednesday morning. One to take to a friends house for a cuppa and play date for the boys and one for us. It was soooo yummy!

Plus I wanted to make some more Pumpkin Scones from Play Time Snacks but with sultanas in them. Then I remembered that I had used the last of the sultanas last saturday so decided to be a tad naughty and add some choc chips OMG they are sooo yummy!!!!!!!

Don't worry about the iridescent colour of the scones that's just the Kent pumpkin.

I'm going to try some variations of these scones. First up will be a batch of wholemeal ones tomorrow morning. Then in the week I'll try to cut out the sugar too.

Would love to hear form you if you try either of these recipes they are two of my faves!

Take Care


  1. Those scones look scrummy.. and Rhonda's Orange cake wonderful easy and moreish.Wish I was disciplined to have a baking day :-)

  2. Ooooo Becci too nice, going to try the scones for afternoon tea.

  3. Choc chip pumpkin scones, sounds delightful. And they look so yum and so do the orange cakes!

    I have baked Rhonda's orange cake before a few times but it is not kind to my waistline. I have cooked Lady Flo's pumpkin scones but not added fruit or the like.

    I like just plain scones with homemade apricot jam and cream (whipped is best).

  4. Oooh these scones look so yummy...I love baking scones on the weekend....well most weekends anyway....I haven't gotten around to baking the orange cake though....will have to check out the recipe your baking Becci! Thanks for sharing