Friday, July 8, 2011

Rosemary Cleaner

Remember my post about Lemons? and how I turned some of it into Lemon vinegar cleaner. Well it's been working great. I even made some orange cleaner. Have just decanted that this morning. Unfortunately one batch of it had to be thrown out :) I had added some mandarin peel to it and it's smells aweful. Some of the other girls at Down To Earth found the same thing. Luckily mine that had the whole orange peel (not peeled using a veggie peeler or knife) was ok unlike some of the other girls.
There was talk the other week of a Rosemary Tea to use to mop the floors with. So I thought why not make a rosemary vinegar?
So I have. I have a nice sized rosemary bush out the backyard that hardly gets any use since we haven't had lamb in I don't know how long.
I will pop my infusion in the cupboard and write a note to check it in the first few days of august.

Take Care


  1. That looks great Becci! I've been meaning to try the orange cleaner but haven't got around to it yet. Is the rosemary vinegar for eating or cleaning??

  2. I'm intending to use it for floor cleaner, but there would be no reason why you couldn't use it for salad dressing etc either

  3. Oh Becci, that looks fantastic...Hope it all works..I think I will have to put one down too...might see how yours works first....have plenty of citrus cleaner for now...and yep, I find I can't add mandarin peel to mine either.

  4. Brilliant! I'm in the same situation: beautiful big rosemary bush that needs trimming, and nothing to use it with. I think I'll be doing this, too!


  5. Oh, I wish I'd thought of that! I trimmed our Rosemary bush last week and threw out the cuttings because there was so much of it! Rosemary vinegar sounds divine!

  6. I have lavender soaking in vinegar, not sure how that will go, have to wait and see...

  7. Hi,
    Just wondering if this worked?

  8. Hehehe I completely forgot about it. Found it months later and it didn't smell good so I threw it out. Will try it again and set a reminder so I don't forget it