Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Menu Plan 18th ~ 26th August

A slightly shorter menu plan this week as we are heading away on a little holiday, more about that when we get back.

My finace Brian has just had a change of hours this last fortnight and is now working 3 nights in the fortnight 2pm-10pm. I have been surprised how well the evening have been running actually. Just been making sure that I am super organised in the mornings before he works.
Once we are back from holidays we will be stocking the freezer with lots of meat and then I'll spend a day or two cooking a heap of meals and packaging them individually for him to be able to take a decent meal to work with him.
But for now I have frozen a couple of leftovers for him to use. This fortnight I'll make a massive killer lasagne which I'll freeze a few extra portions for him to have. Luckily there is only one more night shift before we go away.
I will also be getting a few things prepared for being away. I want to cook a corned beef the day before we go so that we have some cold meat while away, will last us a couple of lunches.
Some cookie dough for the freezer so I can bake them for snacks. The freezer is only small in the camper but plenty big enough for some cookie dough and frozen peas.
I'll have some snack already baked for those first few days.
Plus we leave nice and early, before breakfast to get a head start, and then stop along the way for brekky. the first time we all travelled away we stopped for a cooked breakfast each at a roadhouse. Then we just had the bigger boys, teenagers though mind you, and it cost us over $60 for breakfast! So since then I ave cooked us Brekky rolls (will post a recipe up when I can, hopefully before we go away) and pack juice, muffins, fruit and yoghurt. Costs us way less that $60 and we usually have plenty leftover for a late 'lunch' when we arrive at our destination.

I must also make sure I have printed off a couple of easy recipes for snacks scrolls, brownies etc to make while we are away and make sure I have stocked the pantry with suitable items

So here's this fortnights menu plan:

Thurs ~ Chicken snitzels parmy and veg
Fri ~ Crumbed fish and veg
Sat - Lasagne
Sun - Roast Pork and veg
Mon ~ Soup of some sort possibly hocks and veg
Tues ~ Sausages and veg
Wed ~ Baked Chicken and veg
Thurs ~ Marinated Pork Chops and veg
Fri ~ Apricot Chicken, rice and veg - a no brainer the night before we pack

Condensed Milk Cookie Dough for the freezer
Fruit muffins for our brekky
Corned Beef
Brekky Wraps
Make up another batch of dry snacks for the kids (sultana buds, pretzels, banana chips and sultanas)

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  1. Your Menu looks wonderful! Thanks for visiting my little blog. I hope you have a great getaway.

    M xx

  2. Oooh yumm Becci...can I come over for dinner...