Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some finished crocheted projects

I have been busy this week finishing off some crocheted projects I had hanging around here before we go away. Some I actually needed to take with us!

First of all is my bright garden of flowers cushion.
I was inspired by this Pin on Pinterest

isn't it so pretty!

So I thought I'd make my own. I chose some very bright colours so it doesn't really have that vintagey feel :( but I love it! It has certainly brightened up my lounge after such a dull dreary winter.

the back

button closure

The pattern for these flowers is {here}

Next up I finished off the boys rice heat packs

the backs, I might have to add a button or two for a good closure

The inserts I made from an old pair of jeans, filled with rice, forgot to fragrance them though ooops

I have another project that I am dying to share but I can't just yet soon though.

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  1. Oooooohhh...I LOVE that cushion Becci, it's gorgeous!!! :-)

  2. The cushion is SO pretty Becci! & I LOVE the heat packs, they are a great idea! :-)