Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big Boy Beds!

My gorgeous boys are ages 3 and 2 now. We have been wanting to put them into big boy beds (single beds) for a while. So that was always going to be the plan when we got back from holidays. We were going to save a bit then layby them. We want them in single beds but seeing as we rent we thought it was a good idea to have the option for them to turn into bunks in case we have to move and they are in a smaller bedroom. Their current bedroom is HUGE! Bigger than our master bedroom in our last house and that was a decent size!
The bed we had decided on was $499, plus a couple of mattresses and linen we were going to be looking at over $1000. Not cheap but needs to be done.

Then yesterday morning my lovely Fiance was browsing the local buy and sell Facebook page and saw a bunk similar to what we wanted posted. $100 plus one older mattress. It had been listed a few weeks ago while we were away, no comments about it, so thought I'd ring the lady and see if it was still available.
It was! And even better she lived about 200 meters away! I had mum birthday cake in the oven (another post coming soon about that) so popped over once that was cooked.
The bunks were rather knocked around but thought it could easily be fixed. Plus what 3 and 2yo's aren't going to knock furniture around? Ours certainly will.
It was a little loose but figured it could be tightened up no problems. The Brian found a few brackets holding stuff together as he was pulling it apart. Bugger, oh well, we'll deal with it. They could be hidden no stress.
So we piled it in the car. All bar the mattress fitted so Brian walked it home while I drove the car home carefully.

We then had to go buy another mattress. Grabbed a 6" high density foam one on the cheap for Eli, Ethan will have the other mattress. Picked up the quilt sets I had laybyed last week and a few extra things we needed and home we went to get it all set up.

Brian got stuck into staining the bed to hid the scratches. Worked a charm! Wish I had taken before pics.
I washed all the new bedding and got it out drying. Was a perfect day for it too.
Then I set to taking pics of the toddler beds for sale and dismantling it all.

We set the news beds up after a slight rearrange of the room (room is now set up as a mirror image of how it was before) and the kids loved it!

This is what it looked before, pic taken a few months ago form the bedroom door

and here's the room now:

 from the doorway

 a close up of the beds. Ethan has a crocheted blanket I made years ago on the foot of his. They both have teddys knitted by their Nan. The blue bears on their beds are what Brian bought them when they were first born. Eli loves to sleep with the puppy on his bed. It's actually Ethans puppy that Brians aunt bought when Ethan was born but Eli's claimed it.

We switched the side the beds were on so that you didn't walk straight into a bed when you walked into the room. The set up for the cupboards is pretty much the same.

I have some banners in the making with their names on them to go above their bed and plan to make some art to hand on the blank wall too.

Take Care


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