Friday, September 23, 2011

Bulk Meat Buying

We love to buy meat in bulk. Not only do we save lots of money, it's nice to have a bit of variety in the freezer.

We do most of our meat buying from the Gawler River Cattle Co. They have weekly specials which are published on their site as well as in the Sunday mail each week.
The staff are friendly and helpful and the shop is cold (of course) but well set out and clean.

{pork leg roast, herb and garlic marinated drumsticks, celery leaves for stock and putting in my corned silverside}

This fortnight we got some excellent bargains.
7 huge Pork Leg Roasts $4.99/kg
5kgs Pork Marinated (or plain but I prefer the marinated ones) $7.99/kg
10kgs BBQ Sausages $3.99/kg
10kgs Chicken Marylands $2.49/kg
5kgs Exotic Marinated Chicken pieces $1.49/kg
5kgs Herb and Garlic Marinated Drumsticks $2.99/kg
10 whole size 15 chickens $4.50 each!

{top shelf: cooked pumpkin etc, second shelf: mince, third: diced bolar, fourth: sausages, fifth: more mince, 6th: bits n pieces, 7th diced pork and frozen veg}

I grabbed 6 roast porks for meals. They are huge too will probably be able to do something with the leftovers. Plus I grabbed a nice big 4kg+ leg and diced it up for casseroles, got 5 meals out of that, plus the dogs got the bone and rind.
The whole chickens were meant to come marinated but they only had two done up so they gave me about half a kilo of dry marinate to go with the other chickens. I prefer to have my chicken plain so I can do what I like with them so I have a heap of dry marinate in my pantry now yay!
We spent nearly $400 there and the guy who I assumed was the manager gave us a huge piece of bung fritz to take home too, we love their fritz!

Then we headed over to Specialty Foods for some bulk bolar roast @ $6.99/kg. I grabbed two whole bolars which was just under $10 worth. I asked the butcher to slice it nice and thick for me so I could dice it easier when we got home. The butcher will slice for free but dicing costs and extra $1/kg :) We also wanted 20 lamb shanks @ $1.50 each! Bargain! They were frozen not fresh and came in boxes of 30 so we went for that. They were still completely frozen when we got home but the meat wasn't stuck together so I was able to bag it up easily.

On the way home we stopped off at the butchers at Seaford. They have the cheapest mince around at 2kgs for $9.90, I grabbed 20kgs, mince is a budgeting families best friend. I did notice that it seemed a little fattier than usual this time round and the price had gone up 90c so I'll keep an eye on that and see if we continue to buy from there or not.

Our freezer are full to the brim now. I was hoping to do some meal cooking for the freezer for Brians work dinners, but I have no room now. Oh well, will just have to wait a few weeks.

Take Care


  1. WOW I haven't done this sort of bulk buy for many years...and my freezers are already full! Must get to them and have a sort out.

    We can get packs at the butchers that we have done before but never that amount of meat...My friend that goes to Adelaide regularly gets her meat from the Gawler River one. She recommends them too!

    Happy cooking to you Becci :)

  2. I love Gawler River! Will have to try Speciality Foods. As it is only 5 minutes downt he road I go fortnightly so don't need to do a huge shop like you. I also managed to get chicken breasts for $6.89kg and pork shoulder roast for $3.99kg at Foodland :)

  3. Oh Lis that would be awesome!
    I saw the Foodland specials after we had been to Gawler lol and the freezers are absolutely packed so there was no chance of taking advantage of them. I have noticed that Foodland have had some great specials of late. Our nearest one is about 10 minutes away so I need to keep an eye out for them and get what I can when I can