Friday, September 23, 2011

I soaped!

Yep I finally got to make my first batch of soap today!! I am so excited!

I decided that Rhondas V2 (coconut and olive oil) was a great place to start.

It made more than I thought. Thought I'd only half use the second mold ooops. Looks like I need to get another one. so I improvised and used a small container I had in the plastics cupboard. I'll probably cut it into four and use it as a tester.
This batch is unscented. I wanted to concentrate on getting the process right before I play with fragrances etc.
I hope this batch is going to be ok. I am worried that I may not have brought it to trace enough, so we'll have to see.
Fingers crossed. Can't wait to turn it out tomorrow.

Take Care


  1. Looks awesome Becci. And I'm sure time will tell that they ARE awesome too.

    Good luck hiding them from the kids until they have set! xx

  2. Well done Becci, you are braver than me!

  3. That's fantastic! Thanks for linking to me, I am so taken by this soap making! Today I am going to make something different, maybe using some cocoa butter or shea butter...hope it works! Have you used this soap before? Is it divine? Btw your blog is lovely :)