Saturday, September 24, 2011

Soap making part2

So today's the day I got to turn my soap out.
I tried to turn it out this morning but the bar molds were still quite soft so I left them for a few more hours.
The one I had put in the plastic container was ok though, so I turned that out and cut it.

I went back a couple of hours later and the bar molds seemed ok to turn out. Most were fine, but a couple were still a little goopy on the bottom, you can see that in the bar on the right at the front.
So I think next time I'll leave them the full 24 hours and insulate them more.
I had only placed two tea towels on top of them. They are out in my craft room which isn't insulated (enclosed carport) and last night was meant to get down to 4C, so I don't think they were warm enough.
But they'll be fine to use once they dry out.

I have woken with a headache today that isn't leaving me alone much so think it's a good idea to leave the soap making for today. Hopefully I'll get to make some tomorrow though.

Take Care


  1. WTG!! Becci!! Your soap looks great; I look forward to hearing how it goes in the shower!! You have inspired me to make some; do you have a thermometer and if yes where did you buy it? That and the lye is all I am missing now ! Mmmmmmmmmmmm! I am off to buy the lye I can't wait to start, I will keep you posted!!

  2. Thanks Jilly. I bought a candy thermometer from a little local hardware store that sells lots of baking and kitchen supplies. The recipe I use only needs to get up to about 70C really so a meat thermometer will probably do the trick. I didn't have either so splurged and got a candy one as I always wanted one. Was around the $14 mark.
    I have tried this recipe as a soap. The lady who supplied the recipe was selling her soap for a short period of time recently and I was lucky enough to get a few bars. It's really nice.
    I can't wait to start experimenting with some fragrances!

  3. The soap looks good to me Becci :)

    You might have a bit of hay fever with all this wind around...Hope eases for you soon.

  4. The soaps look great Becci! I might have to buy some really moisturising unscented ones from you at some point! I love reading all the cool things you are up to!