Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stockpiling and Thrift Shop Finds

Today was the first fortnight that I have planned to start building our stockpile. I have planned to spend about $10-$20 a fortnight buying things for our stockpile. I will slowly over time increase that amount each fortnight so that I am eventually just stockpiling and buying other bits that we need.

I was very happy to see the Raguletto pasta sauce that I buy was out for just under half price! So I bought 6 jars! There was a brand of toothpaste that I have never heard of before, huge tubes too fro $1 each! A 4Ltr container of olive oil for soap making while it was out on a super bargain, half price at $20!I bought 5. I also bought some more Milo as it was on special and some milk powder and sultanas as I know we'll need them soon enough.

So here is the start of my stockpile. Oh I bought a some garbage bags too lol
Think I might have to get some pretty paper to clean up that shelf a little bit.

I popped into one of the op shops here too and picked up a few good things. I was hoping to find a rotary grater, I miss mine since it broke and also an old stick blender to use specifically for soap making. But neither were to be found.

Instead I found a couple of vintage pillowcases and a nice basket that will house a christmas present later on.

See the white pillowcase?  can you guess what the print is????

Isn't it full of vintagey christmasy gorgeousness!!!! Not quite sure what I'll do with it yet. Maybe find a cheap pillow and use it as a cushion??

Take Care


  1. Gotta love a a bargain! Re: the pillow case... I had one just like that when I was younger! So cool to see another one! You could sew a nice border onto it and make a wall hanging too :-)

  2. Well done with your stockpile. I have mine up and running and it makes life so much easier. When I run out of something now I know I have some in the stockpile and as I use it I write it on my shopping list to replace...easy!

    Lovely finds at the op shop. What about making a full apron for Christmas? There are patterns for making pillow cases and tea towels (dishtowels) into aprons on the web. Here are a couple of links. I have been meaning to try these out :)

  3. Love the apron idea but it would make a great santa sack :-)