Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Condensed Milk Cookies

Remember these scrummy cookies I made the other week???  Well I thought of a better way to get the flavourings in!
Normally you make the dough and then mix the flavours in right? Well this is how I have done the last few batches and it works so much better. Might be the answer to those having trouble with peanut butter cookies too.

 Cream the butter and sugar and then beat in the condensed milk as usual {I used the homemade condensed milk in this lot}. Divide into your bowls. I made mine into three, and add your flavourings BEFORE you add your flour.
 Milo {1 cup to a third of the mix}

 Custard powder {1 cup to a third of the mix}

 Spicy date {1 tablespoon mixed spice - could have added more actually - 1 cup chopped dates}

 Then add your flour until it's the right consistency. So you can roll it into balls.

 Roll into balls. I make mine slightly bigger, about walnut size, and press down with a fork.

 I baked up the whole batch. Made 100 descent sized biscuits. This is a normal sized baking tin overflowing!


Take Care


  1. Wow, do you just think of a flavouring and try that in your biscuits?

  2. Yep pretty much. But there are a tonne of suggestions here: