Monday, October 10, 2011

Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk

I had heard you could make your own sweetened condensed milk a few years back. I tried to make some once using an American recipe and it just didn't work. Possibly due to the measurement difference or maybe it was me or the recipe. Anyways I didn't bother again. Until talk about it at Down To Earth the other day. So I thought I'd try Rhondas recipe. Well it worked a treat!

Add all ingredients to the food processor

blend for a minute or two until the sugar has dissolved.

I usually let it sit for a few minutes or so while I get other stuff done to let it thicken up a bit.

You can use this in all recipes using condensed milk apparently. I've only used it in the Condensed Milk Cookies so far and it worked very well!

Speaking of cookies I'll be back tomorrow with a post about them, a very useful tip!

Take Care

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  1. i was wondering about that condensed milk recipe :) now you have tested the waters, i will dive in! thanks becci!