Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I love Spring!

Spring is my absolute favourite season. I love the sunny days where my washing can flap about in the breeze and dry with ease. No more clothes airers making my house look like a Chinese laundry! I can still wear long pants (to cover up my chubby short lily white legs) but I can go bare foot at times and just wear a tshirt.
I love listening to the birds chirp in the mornings and seeing all the new growth and flowers around.
Blossom! Oh my I love Blossom!

Yesterday was just one of those glorious spring days. Reached 22/23C, barely a cloud in the sky. I cleaned my house from top to bottom as per my usual Weekly Home Blessing. So my sheets were flapping in the breeze. Brian had the off and he'd just mowed the lawns. Kids were out keeping him company {just tot he right of pic}. I had just cleaned our cherubs finger prints off the family room window {yet again} and I spied this view form where I was standing. I love it! Nothing flash, but it depicts our family life. Clean sheets {my love of all time}, kids belongings around nice neat order {the lawns freshly mowed}.

Today is meant to be even nicer. The kids will be wearing shorts and tshirts! Might even take a stroll down the beach. No swimming just yet, bit too cool for that.

What is your favourite season?

Take Care

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  1. Becci, is that your back garden?

    I agree there is nothing better than seeing your washing in the sun and fresh air! I have just asked Ant to see if he can move ours; so I can use it. I am so tired of the dryer!! Lets hope he can!
    I love your blog by the way!