Thursday, October 27, 2011

Menu Plan 27th October ~ 9th November

Did that get your attention?????

This fortnights menu seems a little boring to me. But I am going out twice which means no cooking Yay!!!!!!

Firstly this saturday is my birthday. We are going out with family and friends to the local Tavern for dinner. Then coming back to our place for cake. Yep the Giant Tim Tam Cake pictured above!!!!!
Then the following saturday is my brother and his new fiances housewarming BBQ. No cooking again!!! Although I am taking some cake and bits along.

So here's this fortnights menu:

Thurs ~ Crumbed fish and veg
Fri ~ Sausages and veg
Sat ~ Out for dinner - I'm thinking Surf n Turf mmmmm
Sun ~ Roast Chicken and veg
Mon ~ Beef Casserole
Tues~ Chicken burgers
Wed ~ Cowboy Casserole {new}

Thurs ~ Chicken Casserole
Fri ~ Cabbage Rolls {new}
Sat ~ Housewarming BBQ
Sun ~ Corned Beef and veg
Mon ~ Baked chicken and veg
Tues ~ Quiche
Wed ~ Chow Mein

Baking -
Sour Cream and Apple Cake

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  1. This is the cake I did for my friend after she had her baby (she had GD so was really craving Tim Tams and cake, so I combined the two). Apparently it was nice, although I think, going by texture and look, I have a different cake cake base I will try next time, which I think wil be better. Still yet to make it for us though. I added about half a cup of milo to it to give it the choc malt flavour of a tim tam. Can't wait to see photos. Nat (sorry, it wouldn't let me comment with my google account for some reason :-( will try and work out why later.

  2. Awesome Nat. I had GD with the two littlies too. So my friends came in after Ethan was born with Lindor balls and a cheese platter!
    I'm not that fussed if it doesn't taste exactly like a Tim Tam, it's going to be awesome anyways. But great idea with the milo

  3. Yes, that certainly got my attention! LOL
    Hey, the cowboy casserole sounds yummy, can't wait to hear how that one goes. Looks nice an easy too - a good one for a "high rotation" meal. Wonder how left-overs would freeze and reheat? (I always have to freeze some when I do a casserole or have it 2 nights in a row.)

  4. Wow, the Tim Tam cake sounds AMAZING! Thanks for linking the recipe.