Monday, February 20, 2012

My routines and how things work in our house

I am often asked how I manage to get so much done in the day. The simple answer is I have routines that work for me. I love my routines. I am not a slave to them, I make them work for me. I don't pretend to a domestic goddess, I am far from it. Some days are just chaos here {you get that with a toddler and a preschooler in the house} but most days things are pretty well sorted and I'm not embarrassed if a friend drops by unannounced for a cuppa. To me that's the way things should be. Not a show room house that you see in glossy mags, but somewhere that is neat, clean and tidy but lived in and warm.

So this week I thought I'd do a few posts on how things work for me. The routines may not be suitable for your home but there are some basic principles that everyone should be able to work into their daily life that will make things that little bit easier.

Things like doing as much preparation ahead of time that you can. 
~ packing day care, nappy and school bags the night before.
~ menu planning
~ dinner prep - you can cut up you veg and soak them in water in the fridge until later on.
~ checking your calendar the night before and making a daily plan {this helps me sleep, it's all on paper and I don't have to keep juggling things in me head all night so I don't forget them}
~ laying out clothes the night before - I even lay out the kids jammies in the morning {that way if I have got behind in the washing and they are out of jammies I have all day to wash and dry some}

Simple little things that take barely anytime at all can save you so much later on, especially in the made rush to get everyone sorted out in the mornings.

Most of my routines are based on FlyLady. For those of you who haven't heard of FlyLady you can start reading here. Many of you may have tried FlyLady and found it wasn't for you. And that's ok. Not every idea or system is going to work for everyone. I don't do everything FlyLady either. But what it has helped me with is to set up some daily routines that really work for me.

The first routine I'll share with you is my Before Bed Routine. I don't do this routine just before bed, so don't stress I do get time to relax before I head to my slumber. I try to have this out of the way by 8.30pm once the kids are asleep {they are late to bedders}.

Before Bed Routine
~ toy pick up
~ hot spot patrol - this means to walk around the house and put away things that don't belong
~ fill up water bottles - Brian and I both have a water bottle next to our beds at night, plus I fill the kettle, a spare water jug next to the kettle and in the summer more water goes into the fridge
~ shine sink {you can read more about shiny sinks here}
~ check menu plan for dinner tomorrow, do I need to take meat out now?
~ goals {todo} list for tomorrow - I then write these things {usually only about 3 things} on a postit in my diary
~ shower
~ bed

Many people add putting clothes out for tomorrow to their Before Bed Routine  but I have it added into my Afternoon Routine as I am usually putting the washing away then. More about that routine another day.

Tomorrow I'll be back to talk about my Morning Routine.

Take Care



  1. oh Becci - you make it sound so easy.. you need to chase me with a stick to get things done...You have inspired me to get off the computer and put this into action..

  2. It's not easy, just simple. That being said I am chasing myself with that big fat stick this week!
    I used to reward myself with scrapping time. Maybe you can do something similar? Can't do anything crafty until xxx is done?