Monday, February 20, 2012

My Routines Pt3 ~ Afternoons

Afternoons can be completely crazy can't they? Especially if you have to deal with school picks ups as well.
Fortunately for me I don't have to worry about school pick ups just yet. Randall catches the school bus and at 15 is big enough to walk to the two blocks home. Ethan and Eli aren't school age yet but when they are it's about a 10 minute walk up the road.

I try to start by Afternoon Routine but about 3.30pm. 4pm at the absolute latest.

Here's my routine:

~ Washing folded
~ Washing away
~ Clothes for tomorrow
~ School stuff
~ Mail and paperwork
~ Unpack boys backpacks
~ Dinner
~ Clean up
~ Showers/bath
~ Put load of washing on
~ Hang washing

I fold my washing up off the line and in person order. So Brians and my clothes first {can see the little clothes easier then}, then the boys in turn. Makes putting the clothes away much easier I find plus if they are folded in the basket and they do happen to sit there for a day or two {norti} at least they aren't getting creased which only creates ironing and I detest ironing.

As I am putting the washing away I grab out our clothes ready for the next day. I usually know what are plans are for the next day, but if they change it's no big issue to switch play clothes for nice going out clothes of vice versa.

I deal all paperwork as it comes through the door. I have a quick read of the junk mail and put aside unwanted stuff into a pile for the recycling bin. If there is a catalogue I want to keep I put it in my inbox {on the pull out shelf where the keyboards meant to be on the computer desk}. I then go through this pile fairly regularly.

I have been caught out by not unpacking the boys back packs if we've been out and found yucky lunch boxes and dirty clothes a week later. So I try to do this as I put them away.
I'm lucky to have a teenager in the house who's chore it is to clean up after dinner and wash the dishes. I put the clean dry dishes away the next morning. Or if feeling rather motivated before bed, but that rarely happens :)

Speaking of chores. Randall is 15. He is responsible for keeping his room tidy. Yep he needs reminders, but that's his room and he takes care of that. He also does his own washing. Including putting it on, hanging, bringing in, putting away and any ironing {mostly his Army Cadet uniforms}. He also empties the bin and put the rubbish bins out on rubbish collection day. Feeds his cat and vacuums everyday {we have carpet that gets very dirty if we don't}.

That's pretty much all for my Afternoon Routine. Any questions? Tomorrow I'll be back with how this all fits into my daily and weekly plans.

I have a friend and her little boy coming over this morning so I am now off to cook some cookies for breakfast. Have a great day!

Take Care


  1. Thanks, have been told to get washing off line in person order by someone else but found it takes twice as long. Any tips? Do you put washing on line in person order eg each person has a seperate side etc?

  2. I don't these days but have done so before. Although that might not be any different of you wash everyones clothes together as you are still sorting clothes out at the line, just as you hang rather than as you fold.
    Another idea you could try would be to do everyones washing separately. So everyone has a designated day for their wash. Then you know that that load is yours, next is hubbys, etc.
    I don't find it takes very long. Certainly not much longer than it does to stand and fold it all when it comes in. Plus then you factor in the time I save by not having to iron clothes because they have sat in the washing basket for too long.
    I also take like clothes of with like.
    I have an old fashioned Hills hoist. I start Brians and my clothes first. I dont stress about our stuff just take it all of and it's easy to sort our few things on our bed. doing our clothes first also helps me to be able to see the boys clothes as they are so little.
    So then I'll start with one side of the line. I see a pair of Ethans pants. So I go around the clothes line and get all of his pants, fold them up and put them in the basket. So we are working with Ethans clothes and maybe his jumper is hanging next, so I get all the jumpers, fold and put in the basket. I work around and around the clothes line until I have all of Ethans clothes together. Then I start with Eli's.
    I find that folding like with like makes things easier when it comes to putting the clothes away. I can just grab the pile of pants and put them in the draw, then jumpers say, the jammies etc. Rather than one jumper, a couple of pants, a pair of jammies, oh wait there's another pair of pants.....
    But you do what works for you. This is what I have found works for me