Monday, February 20, 2012

My Routines Pt4 ~ Weekly Home Blessing

Firstly I want to say that I think it's wonderful that so many of my followers have left me messages on Facebook saying how much they have loved my post and even more wonderful that they have revisited their routines and have polished them p a bit. That's just fantastic!

Today I was going to talk about how my routines fit in with the rest of the week but I had forgotten one very important routine -  One that FlyLady calls Weekly Home Blessing.

I started off only doing the 10 mins each task that FlyLady suggested but found that was hard with children interrupting and some things I needed to spend more time on too. So I started just getting it all done instead. At first I was dragging my feet and it was taking me more than an hour. But now I can pretty much get it all done in that time.

I have also added a couple of things to my list so it's turned into a bit more of a cleaning session rather than a WHB but I still love to call it Blessing. Sounds so much nicer than housework!

Here is my Weekly Home Blessing:
~ Sweep and cobweb front porch
~ Sweep and cobweb side porch
~ Sweep and cobweb back porch
~ Purge Newspapers 
~ Dust
~ Clean mirrors
~ Strip master bed
~ Remake master bed
~ Wash towels
~ Replace towels
~ Clean bathroom
~ Clean toilet
~ Empty and clean rubbish bins

This list will often take me an hour to an hour and a half to complete but I feel really good once it's done.
I have chosen to do my Weekly Home Blessing on a monday. I like to start the week with a clean house. Plus sundays are our relax day so it's nice to get things neat and tidy again after that.

I plan to wash our sheets on a monday and the boys on wednesdays. But of course that can change depending on the weather. We don't own a clothes dryer so in winter drying sheets can be a bit of an issue, but we deal with it.

Late monday mornings my good friend Barb comes over and we craft so I need to get my butt into gear on mondays to get this all done. Some times this can be a stretch but it's also good to have a time frame to do things so that they actually get done!

Tomorrow I WILL be back with a post about how my Routines work in with the rest of my week. Including a very colourful spreadsheet!

Take Care


  1. You are an inspiration Hunni, you are doing so well!!

  2. Great job, Becci! Our home routines save our days from being totally chaotic plus they provide nice (comforting) anchors in the day with predictable activities for the family to expect. I base my routines around meal times and work backward from there. Nice to see what you are doing ~ it's obviously working well :)