Monday, February 20, 2012

My Routines Pt5 ~ How it all comes together

I've discussed my Morning, Afternoon, Before Bed and Weekly Home Blessing Routines with you. Now I'll show you how my days and week work.

A few months ago Kat from The Organised Housewife popped up a fantastic Weekly Planner on her site for free download. It was perfect timing as I was wanting to revisit my routines and work out a better way for us.
I printed 10 weeks off. That was going to get me through to about the time we were due to go on holidays. I put them all together in my home journal, dated each page and sat down every sunday night and planned we week ahead.
I wanted to have the same rough weekly plan but obviously it had to be flexible with trips to the city and appointments etc.

This is how a typical week looked for me:
{click on the pic to have a closer look}

I quite liked the To Do list on the side. I would write a list of things I wanted to get done during the week and then cross them off as I went along.

After a while a nice pattern was emerging, a nice plan for the week that I have been working with for the last few weeks and I love it.
I have adapted Kats planner and made my own colour coded one to keep me on track.

{click on pic for a closer look}

I have tried to keep like activities in similar colours. For instance all of my Routines are pink. Things relating to the boys are blue. Meals are orange. My craft times are green etc.

For those that might be gasping in horror that I seem to have such little time with than it looks like here. If my boys want me to play with them or need me for something I'm there. After all my first and most important role is being a mum. These scheduled times are for specific activities that I plan to help with their development. I will be in the near future planning learning activities in these times. For instance when it's colouring in time we'll be colouring in alphabet and number sheets that I have printed off the internet.

Declutter time is time for decluttering and deep cleaning. Depending on what I think needs attention that week will be what I work on. I have a  lovely group of girls that I spend much of my day checking in with and we often challenge each other to do certain decluttering and cleaning activities. The last couple of weeks we have tackled our linen and laundry cupboards and sorted through someones wardrobe {I did the boys seasonal change over and decluttered two overflowing nappy boxes of clothes}.

Wednesdays we usually catch up with a good friend and her little boy. We take in turns to visit each other and make a scrummy morning tea. If for some reason they are busy or sick I try to take the boys to the park or do something a bit special with them if weather permits.

Every second thursday is shopping day, so that mornings routine is completely out the window.

Saturdays are my designated baking mornings. I don't stress so much about my Morning Routine although it does get done.

Sunday are my relax day. I get up when the kids want brekky. Some days they will lay in bed with us watching cartoons for ages, other weeks they are hungry when they wake. I don't rush to do my Morning Routine but it does get done by lunchtime. The kids play with whatever they like and often Brian and I will spend time playing cars with them or curled up watching a dvd.

While things are rather relaxed over the weekend I still do basic stuff. The house is always tidy with dishes done etc, just that the beds might not be quite made if you visit in the mornings

So after a relaxed weekend I need to get that Weekly Home Blessing done!

How are your routines looking. I'd love for you to share them.

I'll be back tomorrow with one of my most frequently asked questions How do you managed to get so much craft done???

Take Care