Friday, October 14, 2011


I have been setting our dining room table complete with water jug and glasses for well over a year now, probably more like 2 or so. It adds such a lovely touch.
But all I have had is a boring old 2 Ltr plastic Decor jug. It's rather practical but it's not very pretty.
A while ago I saw a nice looking jug in Big W. kept putting off buying it. Well actually I preferred to buy scrapbooking supplies. But after talking about it with my lovely friend yesterday I bit the bullet and checked to see if Big W stocked them. Was expecting that they didn't have any, but guess what? They did!

Don't you just love the shape? Perfect for holding a nice fruit punch and/or lots of ice. It holds 2.8Ltrs too so a really great size for us. Bargain at $15.76!

I really want to crochet some jug covers for it now. For the time being I'll just use this doily as it's a good size for it. If anyone has any nice patterns I'd love for you to share them. I've had a bit of a looksee on Ravelry and Google but nothings really appealing to me. Not that keen on the ones with flowers or teacups in the center. Something more doily like.

I am thinking I might get another one and then on Christmas Day I'll serve a nice cold fruit punch in them.

Take Care


  1. you could just add beads to your doiley? i have 2 jug covers, i will take a photo of them for you so you could figure out a pattern, or just do any circular crochet pattern would probably work :)

  2. I love that jug!!!

    Will have a look in Big W next week (When the kidlets are back at school lol) and see if mine has them,,,,,I have jug envy right now lol.

  3. The jug is so pretty Becci, I am also off to look at one in Big W the price is fantastic! I love jugs with dollies; the look is so country!