Thursday, November 24, 2011

Advent Activity ideas

{my advent calendar is similar to this
Each year my kids have always had a chocolate advent calendar. Last year was the first year I made my own using one of the Kaiser Advent Calendars though. I loved it. Well Kaiser have done it again and brought out a new one which I of course have to have! So I thought I'll keep last years as the choccy one and this new one as  an activity one for the kids!
Each day will be a little note explaining what our activity for the day will be.

I have mixed up the activities so that some are easier than others. Obviously there are going to be days when we are busy so those days will be something easy like watching a dvd or reading a book. Other days will be baking or crafting.

Big W have had some great activities for rather cheap too (ie under $10 and are reusable year after year).
I have bought a Grinch Floor Puzzle, Grinch lace up cards, a couple of books (will add to these each year) and a heap of chrissy dvds out for bargain prices!

I have worked out what day I plan to do what activity but really most things can be switched around as needed.
Christmas Eve I am starting a new tradition. Been meaning to start it before now but better late than never right? I have bought the kids some new jammies and they'll get them in a vintage pillowcase Santa sack on Christmas Eve. My way of making sure they  have new jammies ready for Christmas morning photos!
We will take a trip up to Lobethal one night and check out the christmas lights display up there but will wait til closer to work out what day. Better to make sure the weather is nice and it's also nice to have a grandparent or two to join us to.

So here's my list in no order:
Silent Night DVD
Rudolf DVD
Night Before Christmas in Cartoontown DVD
Shrek The Halls DVD
12 Days of Christmas book
Aussie Christmas book
Reindeer cookies
Gingerbread men
Candy bark
Spiral Cookies
Floor Puzzles
Lace cards
Colouring in (I bought new christmas colouring books for $1.99 each in Woolies today)
Paper chains (going to use up old scrapping christmas paper)
Making our own christmas paper
Painted Christmas Trees
Paper Plate Snowmen
Christmas themed playdough
Letters to Father Christmas
Lobethal Lights
Local Christmas Pageant
Take some baking goodies to our elderly neighbours

I have one space left where the kids can choose what they like to do, or if I find something awesome we'll do that instead!

Are you doing any Advent Activities??? Would love to hear about it link up your blog posts below!

Take Care


  1. Love your ideas Becci!!
    What a fabulous Christmas lead up you are going to have!!
    Now I have to plan my lead up!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Becci that looks so awesome....what a clever chickie you are....Think you might have inspired me to make one of those advent calendars...have been thinking about it for so long....keep the inspiration comimg!!!

  3. great ideas, Becci! Must get started on my activity list, think I'll mix it up a bit, too

  4. What a clever idea !! My kaiser advent calendar needs filling and I think your idea is perfect !!! Thanks for sharing Becci xx