Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beach Vintage

I just love looking through all the goodies that Beach Vintage have. Did you know they have started their own fabric store called Fabric Traders??

I have been drooling over this red gingham check oil cloth the last week or so. I'm going to order some soon to make a tablecloth. It will be one of my very first projects with my new sewing machine!

I am thinking I might even trim it with some of this. What do you think?? How retro will that be??

If you're really quick and pop on over to Beach Vintage you might just be quick enough to pick up a surprise pack!!!

Take Care


  1. That will look stunning! I loooove that trim! I might just have to pop over and get some for myself
    D xxx

  2. Oh bugger! I've been shopping ;-}

  3. i just saw your post but there's nothing about this on their site. does that mean it's over? i emailed them with my blog url anyway.