Saturday, November 19, 2011

Exciting news!

I am very honoured to have been asked to be a moderator at the Down To Earth forum!

Down To Earth is a forum about getting back to basics. About learning the long lost skills of homecaring, sewing, knitting and crochet, cooking from scratch, green cleaning, becoming self sufficient, and slowing down.

You might just recognise Rhonda. She has recently started writing her own column for the Australian Womens Weekly about frugality and the simple life. Rhonda also has a book entitiled Down To Earth due out in March!

The girls are just awesome. Often when you find people who are living the green self suffient life they can almost be snobbish if you aren't doing everything to live that life. This forum is not like that at all. There are families that are living the full on self suffient life and those like me that are just making changes where they can. Everyone is warm and welcoming and lots of fun!

I joined this lovely forum back in March after following Rhondas blog for a few months. It was this dishcloth swap that got me in and I love it there. I have learnt so much from the wonderful girls. I've made my own lemon cleaner and soap and have learnt so much about the simple life.

So for those of you that haven't checked it out yet, please pop on over and say hi. You'll find me hanging out in the Handmade Self Reliance section!

Take Care


  1. It's great having to in the forum, Becci. I'm sure you'll be a wonderful moderator

  2. It's great to have you on board Bec.

  3. WooHoo Becci - congrats to you!

  4. Becci, that is brilliant! I did all that stuff years ago, we were late blooming hippies. I'm so pleased that this way of living has become more mainstream. If you find a "Grassroots" magazine in an op. shop you'll find loads of cool stuff from the mid-late 70's. What you are doing isn't new but being mainstream is. Good luck to you!! Tanya K.

  5. Drumrollllll...welcome've already made a great start
    PS You'll be Modding in the Handmade Forum