Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Woolly Bliss!!!

First of all I must excuse myself for not blogging the lats couple of weeks. Our family has been hit with some virus that has rendered my completely exhausted {to the point of tears} and the kids whingy and clingy as usual for a cold/flu/bug.
I really hope that my energy levels return soon as the house is not how I would like it and I am missing my bloggy time.

Anyhoos....A while back I decided that I wanted to make my boys a hexagon motif blanket each for when they had their single beds. I knew what colours I wanted too, was just a matter of saving some money so I could buy enough wool {hopefully} for one blanket at least.
So after much deliberating, even contempating a colour change, I decided to order the wool. As luck would have it that day I receieved a mail out from Bendigo Mills {my wool of choice for these blankets} and they were having a pre price rise sale! I was able to get my balls for $1.50 cheaper than what the new price is going to be. So I placed a nice sized order for the wool plus a heap of cotton too. I plan to crochet up a heap of facewashers and dishcloths in nice pretty colours. Plus I have a handbag or two planned too.

Here's the order:

The cottons

I then had a play around with some colour combos
 Honeydew, daffodil, snow, blue

 Honeydew, pink rose, snow

Latte, nutmeg

 Snow, wild lavender, blush

 White, pink rose, blush

 New ochre, latte

 Snow, blue, daffodil

Daffodil, blush, honeydew

 Pink rose, wild lavender, blush

And now for the colours of the boys blankets

Brick, delphinium and junior navy

I can't wait to play with the hexagon motif blocks and show you the colour combo I will settle on.

Nothing like a woolly parcel to brighten the spirits!

Take Care


  1. Oh lovely Becci, can't wait to see the goodies you create with these babies !! LOVE honeydew, pink rose & snow combo!

  2. Gorgeous yarn Bec! I hope you are feeling better, I have had the same virus (unexpected tears and all) so my total empathy!

  3. The colours are amazing Becci, I am looking forward to seeing how you put them together!!I hope you are all feeling better soon!

  4. Wow that lot is going to keep you busy for a while Becci!