Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Activities Day 1 - Letters to Father Christmas

Our first activity for Advent this year was to write letters to Father Christmas.

I used this free printable from The Organised Housewife.

Ethan was right into writing his letter, being 3 he had to have Mummy write it for him, but Eli wasn't that fussed, he did it, but really had no idea.
After addressing our envelopes (yep I did put a stamp on them before posting) we walked up to the corner of our block and popped them in the post.

Take Care

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  1. Awww I wish I still had little people, this looks like so much fun.
    We had day 4 of our Advent Calendar last night "Watch the first Christmas movie of the season". You'll be pleased to hear that we all loved watching Gremlins.

    PS - Santa, I want a unicorn, a computer and a smaller bum for Christmas this year.