Sunday, December 11, 2011

Altering a quilt cover

I picked up a couple of quilt covers for $5.99 each at Savers the other day for the boys. Saw this really cute blue and green checked one with cars and aeroplanes all over it for Eli and Ethan picked out a Scooby Doo one rather than the vinty BMX one I liked (kicking myself I didn't get it anyways).

Brian debated with me that it was a double bed, I said no way it's single, look the tag says so too. Get it home, wash it up, hang it on the line. Damn he was right! So after a second of panic I thought I should be able to take it in either side a bit and make into a single bed quilt cover.

So today was the day finally! Ethans been pestering me all week to have his put on his bed but I've been putting it off until I could have Eli's ready too.

I pulled out my brand new sewing machine that Brian bought me for my birthday, read the instructions, worked out the bobbins and stuff, then I was all set to go.
I used another quilt cover that I know fits our quilts nicely as a template. Found the middle of each quilt cover and measured how far from the edge I needed to stitch in. 20cm. Then I thought, hold on, the quilt is checked so I'll just follow the lines! It looks square. So I did. How wrong was I!!! There was a variation of up to 5cm in some places! So I had to unpick it. No quik unpik, ours broke months ago and I hadn't bought a replacement. No fear I'll use my Birch craft knife, worked brilliantly.
Realised that I'd have to measure from the edge to make it even but no tailors chalk. A dear friend suggested using a pencil, so I did. Great idea!
So first side measured and stitched!.
Then for the second side. Measure using the other single quilt cover, only 15cm. Ooops mustn't have had quite the middle, oh well it won't matter as the material is an all over design. Double checked holding our quilt against, yep all good. Stitched that side up then still keeping the quilt inside out I put the quilt in to be sure.
I then zig zag stitched a bit form the straight line then trimmed the quilt cover. I so need new sewing scissors mine a cactus!!
Turned it in the right way, inserted quilt a voila. A single bed quilt!!!!!!

{sorry nothing I do will make rotate this pic the right way, please turn your head}

Ethan Scooby Doo quilt cover 

The boys room.

I realised while I was taking these pics that their room has been done quite cheaply. Their beds {are actually convertible bunks} we picked up second hand for $80. Came with one mattress, we bought another one and will buy them decent matresses once they have night trained.
Much of their bedding is either stuff I had from Randall or I've picked up at Savers.
The chest of drawers in the middle used to be their big brothers.
Eli's blanket was made by their Nan, I made the blanket on Ethans bed years ago.
The big bear on the chest of drawers we bought for $5 at Toys R Us on a sale.
The knitted teddys on each of their beds were made by their Nan. The blue bears were their presents when they were born from their Daddy.
The little stool next to Eli's bed Randall made in Tech.
The rocking horse was made for Bryce when he was born by his Pop.
The car mat $20 at Cheap as Chips.

Anyways I'm very proud of my first sewing project, well the first one for about 13 years anyways!

Take Care


  1. well done Becci. The quilts look fantastic and yay for getting out your new sewing machine!

  2. A very multi tasked mumma !

  3. Hi Becci...well done on the feels great to be able to make something that looks sooo good, out of something much cheaper. Keep up the good work.