Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baking ~ Raspberry Ribbons

Decided I'd try a couple of recipes I've recently seen on Pinterest. But first check these out...

Aren't they cute?? I bought them recently with a voucher my sister gave me for my birthday.
They are lovely cups and spoons and are pretty too!

Ready for a recipe??

I saw this pin the other day and knew I was going to have to try this for christmas. As with any new recipe you must try it before the big day. Now I didn't have any Betty Crocker mixes in the cupboard and wasn't about to go out and buy any so I searched through some books to find a nice basic sugar cookie recipe.I found a recipe I liked but it needed adapting. It's not too sweet which is good as the jam is sweet enough.

Eli with the final product

Ethan giving his ok to the recipe

They were rather yummy.

Beccis Sugar Cookie
50g butter
1/3C sugar
1/2t vanilla
2/3C plain flour
1T milk

Cream butter and sugar. 
Add in the remaining ingredients and mix to a firm dough.
Roll into a log and press into a flat log shape.
Make a burrow down the center using a wooden spoon handle. Carefully not to press too deeply.
Spoon jam down the middle.
Bake on a lined tray at 180C for about 20 mins or until lightly golden.
Let cool on the tray. 
Drizzle with melted white choc if desired.
Allow to set and cut into fingers.

Take Care