Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let's Get Organised 2012!!!

Just under a week until our Let's Get Organised 2012 missions start!!! First mission will go live monday morning Jan 2nd!!!

You will need a few things to help you along the way.

Firstly a diary.
Personally I have chosen a paper diary with a day to a view as I have lots going on. But in recent years a cheap diary form the $2 shop that has a week to a view has been fine for me.
You may even choose to go electronic.
Choose whatever will work for you.
You will not only be writing in appointments etc but will need space to write a short To Do list each day.

Secondly some sorting boxes.
You will need 3 boxes. One for items to give away, for the rubbish and to put away
You can choose to be as cheap or as fancy as you'd like for these. Packing boxes are great, cheap clothes hampers would work fine too. Use whatever's around your house or you can get hold of easily and cheaply.
Something like this:

Looking forward to getting into it all next week with you all!

Take Care


  1. Sounds like too much work. Can you do mine as well, pleeeeeease. kiss kiss. LOL

  2. Hehehe I trying to keep all the missions to no more than 30 minutes once a week. There will be some that will take a bit longer but lots that will be quicker too :)

  3. I am looking forward to it Becci!! Lets do it!

  4. well I guess its worth a try eh !! ok I started yesterday with my back room... but I'm an OCD scrapper so today I've 'taken a break' to ...you guessed it....scrap LOL