Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wanna Play?

After a bit of coercing from a few good friends I've decided to run a year long decluttering and organising mission next year!

From Monday Jan 2nd I'll be running weekly missions focussing on our room of the month. They'll be simple missions, mostly only taking between 15 - 30 mins to complete.

All missions will be posted here on the blog, but for some extra support pop on over to my new Facebook page!

I'll be back after christmas with a bit more of a run down. Love to see you over at Facey though!

Take Care


  1. I really need to join in. I'm drowning in clutter here :{

  2. A word of support - It can be done. My home has looked like that since my first was born. One Christmas, my DH got me a label maker and I thought I'd gone to organizational heaven! LOVE those photos!

  3. Becci Love this looks fantastical, i dont just want to play my love i need to. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Mmmmmm......declutter you say. Sounds like a interesting, if foreign, concept. Might have to be involved. Just to see.

  5. I'm in...for the first month or so anyway!!

    Then I'll get fed up it will revert back to horrible again.

    But I'm starting without ya's - today - and I'm very tempted to start with the DHs belongings...

  6. Great idea Becci.....I need all the help I can get
    D xxx

  7. Go for it Elizabeth!!!!

    Great to have you all aboard girls!

  8. I will watch, and if I think they might be achievable, I'll have a go.

  9. Excellent - I'll be onboard as well.

  10. yep ...pick me...I could sure do with some 'help' to play :)