Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting Down To Earth with Dishcloths

A bit over a year ago I was using Wondercloths for doing the dishes, had done so for years. Anyways ours went missing. It was one of those weeks where I didn't have $2 to go buy a new one so I used an old facewasher instead. It was brilliant! Even better than the Wondercloth! It washed much better too!

Then one day while hanging out the clothes I got to thinking, as you do. Surely I could crochet my own dishcloths??? I had crocheted potholders before so why not a dishcloth????

Then a few days later I stumbled across this post by the lovely Rhonda. How perfect would it be for me to take part in a dishcloth swap! So I signed up! and then joined the forum.

The Down To Earth forum has become me second home. I have learnt so much from the lovely girls (and a couple of guys) that my life will never be the same again! I now make my own washing powder, soap, cleaning products and my passion for crocheting has been renewed as well as I'm about to start sewing too!!!

There is always something going on. Currently there are challenges in saving weightloss, and gardening. I am runnning a Handmade 12 in 12 challenge and also a decluttering challenge which ties in with my Let's Get Organised missions perfectly!

So if you would like to get back to basics, like to slow down a little, make greener choices where possible and make some friends then pop on over to the forum and sign up!

Now speaking of dishcloths. I haven't been too happy with those first dishcloths I made. They have gone very scratchy, which isn't such a bad thing when it comes to doing the dishes, but I'd rather use something that was much softer.
So I made a heap using Bendigo Mills 8ply Cotton.

The first one I made using some other red cotton I had two along with strands of light blue and white

I loved this pattern so much I decided I'd make 5 more. 6 dishcloths plus the few I have from swaps is plenty enough.

 Which colour way is your favourite?

A close up of the texture.

You can find the pattern here.
I made 35 chains for my dishcloths, used a 4mm hook and 8ply yarn.
My cloths measure approx 21cm across.

Take Care


  1. They look great Becci, you do crochet beautifully.

  2. Loving the aqua and pink!!! Gorgeous work : )

  3. I started crocheting these last weekend after getting the new book " The Knitter's Year" by Debbie Bliss. (best book buy so far this year!) have used cotton - mixture of Panda brands plus some gorgeous organic cotton. Just sewing in ends, so haven't used in kitchen yet. Last week I found a whole supermarket plastic bag of cotton ( most of it new!) in an op shop for $5, so can keep on crocheting! Yours are great!

  4. What a great find with the cotton!!!!! Will have to go and have a google on the DB book, ta