Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and some Goals

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

I love to make some goals at the start of each year, they give me something to aim for. I find Goals are so much better than Resolutions. Resolutions says failure to me, don't even bother starting, but Goals is much more achievable.
Last year I managed to reach most of my goals, very happy with that.

This year I have lots of goals! A little scary actually, but most of them are little things that shouldn't take much. I have broken them down into categories.

~ have more crafty time with the boys
~ teach them their ABC's and 123's - sight recognition not just saying them
~ continue to work on their bedtime routine so they sleep in their own beds more
~ exercise more - just 30 mins a day most days of the week plus weights 3xweek
~ eat healthier so I am smaller in 12 months time
~ be a better friend
~ submit everything in the hopes of getting published
~ start sewing - jammies for the kids, quilt covers, table cloths etc
~ scrap more - at least 2 LO a week, an OTP a month and make more cards!
~ continue to crochet for the home - blankets mostly this year
~ make as many presents as I can
~ maintain my business at the level it is
~ become more organised with my business
~ blog more

So there you go! Are you making goals for 2012? I'd love to hear about them.

Take Care


  1. Hi Becci! Wow you have so many goals ! Ours is just to lose some weight and chill out more :)
    Can't find you on facebook....