Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's Get Organised 2012 ~ Welcome!

Welcome to Let's Get Organised 2012!!!

I'll be conducting weekly decluttering and organising missions throughout the whole of 2012 to help get us all, and then keep us, organised!

A little about me.
I'm a 30 something mum and step step mum to 4 wonderful boys aging in range from 18 to 2 years old. I live in lovely Port Elliot on the Fleurieu Peninsula.
I have always loved the idea of organising. Loved all the pretty boxes and having things lined up. Ahhhh doesn't it look so lovely. Problem is I am lazy by nature so being organised was not easy for me.
I started to become organised a few years ago when I was facing going back to study and being a single mum. I knew I was going to need some way of keeping house while studying. I stumbled across FlyLady. I love many of FlyLadys principles but don't follow everything she recommends as I find that not everything works for me personally. What I do love about FlyLady is that it helped me to write routines that worked for me.
Slowly over the last 6 years I have managed to become a fairly organised person. I still battle with the laziness in me each and every day. The best thing I did was admit to myself that I am a lazy person and that it was just that that was stopping me form having the lovely organised home that I have craved for all my adult life.

So how are things going to work?
Each monday morning I will post the mission for that week. I'll discuss what you need to do and ask you to plan for it during the week and write that in your diary.
I'll set up a linky at the bottom of the post so that those of you who blog can share your befores and afters. If you aren't a blogger but are on FaceBook then feel free to post your pics to the Beccis Domestic Bliss wall.

Just a side note: we all live differently, we all have different standards of living and I expect everyone to be respectful of everyone else through out this. No nastiness will be tolerated!

On wednesdays I will post up some inspiration I have found on the net (mostly Pinterest lol) for ways to help with that weeks mission.

There way be other posts throughout the week if I find we need further talking or clarification on anything.

Tomorrow morning the first mission will go live. Do you have your diary and sorting boxes???

Feel free to copy and paste the LGO2012 logo above and paste (with a link back to Beccis Domestic Bliss) to your blog!

You ask me any questions either in the comments section, on FaceBook or you may email me at

Take Care


  1. I'm going to join :) I'm moving house in the next 2-3 weeks so I will do what I can :) I'm definitely working on new routines for this year too!

  2. Just jump in where you can Lis. Goodluck with the move.