Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let's Get Organised ~ Bag Station

One thing I find very important with children is to have a place to store their bags. Whether it be a nappy bag, a backpack when they are toddlers or school bags. They all need a home. When things have a home they rarely get lost.

There are lots of places you could have a bag station. In the hallway as you walk in the door. Either in a cubby hole or hanging off a hook. Or a particular spot in their bedroom. Whatever suits you and your house.

I'd love to have a set up in the hallway as we walk in. Just love the look of it. But we don't have an hallway off our usual entrance, plus we are renting so it's hard to put up hooks etc. Love the basket for shoes in this pic too.

So instead our teenager keeps his in his room and our toddlers have their backpacks keep on a shelf in their bookcase.

I try to keep a couple of nappies and some wipes in Eli's back pack but other than that they are emptied each day. I don't keep a change of clothes in there all the time. We only go out a couple of times a week and don't want clothes sitting there for for weeks unused. My boys would no doubt grow out of them by the time they needed them. Instead if I know we are heading out I will pack a bag the night before, otherwise it's nothing to throw a few things in there if we have last minute plans. The bag shelf is between their wardrobe and chest of drawers so very convenient.

Where could you set up a bag station? Will they all be together? or in individual rooms?

Would love to see what you set up. Please share by linking up below.

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  1. this one is a real challenge for me... one high school kid, two primary kiddos and a baby...

    would love to keep them all in one spot for convenience... but then we have the whole upstairs/downstairs thing going on here, too

    bedrooms are upstairs, but the kitchen is downstairs... but the entry the kids use is upstairs

    I don't like them to have food upstairs, so I prefer that the bags come downstairs... which is actually LESS convenient, but MORE practical - if that makes sense

    off to do some serious thinking about this one - and come up with a designated spot - so we don't go through another year of 'dumping bags wherever the little monkeys fancy'

    thanks for the reminder to get this organised early xx