Monday, January 2, 2012

Let's Get Organised ~ Week 1 ~ Basics

Welcome to Week 1!!!!

Thought we might start with some basic every day stuff for our first week.

This weeks tasks are:
~ Shine Your Sink each day
~ A Load a Day
~ Pack away the Christmas tree and decorations

Please take a few minutes to find time in your diary and PLAN these tasks. Write them in and think of them as an appointment that you need to keep.

Lets start with Shine Your Sink. I first read about this on FlyLady. I love that this reasonably simple task gives you such a sense of accomplishment. You can read the how to's on Shining Your Sink here.
I do this every few months. When the sink starts to look a bit dull. But usually a nice wipe over once a day is enough.
What I would love for you to do after you have Shined Your Sink is to keep your dishes on the sink to a minimum. If you have a dishwasher, stack your dishes in there until you have a full load. If you don't you may  like to do as flyLady suggests and keep a basket under the sink to place your dirty dishes until you are ready to wash them. Personally I don't like that idea. I'd be worried that items may fall out of the basket and get left behind, plus it just seems icky somehow.
I usually run a load of dishes through after breakfast and lunch (and after any baking) then our dishwasher in the form of our 15yo son does the dishes at night. He does leave them to dry overnight and I put them away the next morning. So not perfectly FlyLady. But I am happy with that.

Secondly one of the big areas I hear many women complain gets overrun is the laundry. The washing is relentless is it not? So easy for it to pile up, especially in the wet months.
I find one of the best ways to keep up is to do at least a load a day. We are a family of 5 so a load a day is very easy to do for us. Even with the 15yo doing his own laundry, 4 of us, 2 being messy toddler mini males, certainly make enough washing to warrant a load a day.
Many women wash in the mornings and bring clothes in in the afternoon to fold and put away. If that works for you great. I prefer to put a load on after the toddlers have had their nightly shower and hang out before I go to bed. In the winter this gives my clothes to most amount f daylight hours to get dry (we don't own a dryer) and in the summer I can often get the washing off early in the morning which stops stiffness (even the best fabric softener can't help the strong sun stiffening clothes) and also helps to prevent fading (yes I hang my clothes inside out but things still fade).
I also prefer to fold my clothes up off the line. I find that if I grab the clothes off and put the basket aside it can be days before I get around to folding it. Then the clothes are creased, which I detest, and I have to iron, which I detest, or even throw them in the machine again just to avoid ironing!
So I do my best to fold clothes off the line straight into the basket. I try to put the clothes away before the toddlers go to bed at night, but that doesn't always happen either (see told you I had a lazy side).
So a load a day. Washed, hung, folded and away within 24hours :)

Lastly Christmas had been and gone. Time to get those decorations away. Declutter any broken or unwanted items as you go.
I'm lucky in that my fiance loves to do the decorating and hates to have it hanging around so he does ours Yay!! I know some of you may have yours up waiting for Twelfth Night, that's fine, you have time before the end of the week still.

So there you have it. Our first mission. Not a great deal of clutter busting, just some routines that will help you along the way.

Would love to see your before and after shots. Feel free to upload your blog post (please link to the actual post) below or pics to our FaceBook page.

Take Care


  1. I'm with you on everything but the Christmas decorations. Can't shake my Russian Orthodox heritage -- Christmas doesn't actually happen for them until January 7 or 8, depending. I'll hang on to them and take them down next weekend, I promise!

  2. Great, easy tasks to start off with, can't wait for next weeks :-)

  3. Thanks Becci! I do a load of washing most days so that's ticked off before we start. :)

    The reminder about the sink was something I needed, I have been a bit slack of late even though I always get the dishes done and the ants have enjoyed my slackness. I fixed that at lunchtime and will continue.

    I have the tree down but not the cards -- that will happen later today.

  4. Woo Hoo! Thanks Becci...have packed away Christmas...and have done a load!! Shiny sink you say??? ...yes Miss....

  5. Excellent start, thanks Becci. Getting the washing PUT AWAY in the 24 hrs will be my challenge. I suppose this means I have to go and tidy all the clean clothes already in piles everywhere!
    There are some things I do religiously, and some things I am quite pedantic about, but there are many more I hate doing. I am a master procrastinator, so having these missions and a time frame in which to do them will be just what I need.

  6. Great Week 1 Becci. Our tree and decorations come down tomorrow, 3 loads of washing done today after visitors left, all folded and now away. The kitchen sink REALLY needs my attention, so off to Shine Shine Shine. :)

  7. Glad you aren't over taxing me. You know how lazy I am. See you Wednesday.

  8. I used to subscribe to the flylady too...until I got so many daily emails that I spent more time reading the emails than having enough time to actually CLEAN lol...WEEKLY mission is a great idea...yep polished my sink yesterday for visitors and yep done my 2 load of washing today - after leaving my yesterdays load in the machine overnight due to 'visitors' ah thats my excuse anyways. dont have my diary organised as yet. i do have a 'to do list' notebook tho...good start for me :) thanks Becci x

  9. okay... just catching up here :)

    I can do this!

    Christmas Tree and Lights are packed away.. so that's half the job done - now to get on with all the other Decorations around the house

    Working on my Fourth Load of Washing for today - have some serious catching up to do - so I love the Load-a-Day plan

    As for the Shiny Sink??? Hmmmm.... that would be a refreshing change around here!

  10. I'm a little behind on this but I'm following you and blogging about it. Have just linked up. Thanks Becci! xx