Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's Get Organised ~ Week 2 ~ School Stuff

This week we are going to concentrate on getting ready for back to school.
If you don't have school age children please keep reading. There will be alternatives for many of the activities for younger children and you could also alter things to suit those that work.

This weeks tasks are:
~ Continue to shine your sink and wash a load a day
~ Sort out school clothes - work out what needs to be purchased
~ Have you got your book list items, bag, lunchbox etc
~ making a homework station

If you have younger children:
~ sort through clothes and shoes
~ make a list of winter clothes and shoes needed
~ Create a bag station for backpacks/nappy bags

Please take a few minutes to find time in your diary  and PLAN these tasks. Write them in and think of them as an appointment you need to keep.

Sort out school clothes
If you haven't done this already get your childs school clothes out form last year {if they have any}. Check for size and wear and tear. Repair things that can be repaired. Use your sorting boxes to distribute clothes that are no longer suitable.
Make sure you check shoes too.
Make a list of what items you need and plan to go shopping for them.
Keep in mind how many you might need. For me I used to buy 5 of everything when my eldest was in primary school. He would loose so many jumpers {despite the best labelling and checking the lost property everyday} so if I started with 5 them that would get him through winter with a couple usually.
However you might find with washing a load a day you might be able to get away with only 3 of each item.
How do you organise your school clothes?
Are they in a separate drawer? Do you use a hanger like this?

Depending on which school you go to you may need to purchase your booklist yourself, other school provide them or you can pick up from them.
Make sure you have everything on your childs list and have them covered and labelled accroding to your schools policy.
Check over their school bag and lunch box from last year. Hopefully it has been cleaned out at the end of last term and you won't find any hidden nasty surprises in there ewwwww. Is it ok for this year? or do you need to buy a new one? If you need a new one can the old bag be used for something else? or is it bin worthy? Again use your sorting boxes to help you.

Homework station
I will post a separate post about this but in the mean time have a think about what you have done in the past to help keep homework and other associated school stuff together. What has worked? What hasn't?
Think of where you would like to set up a homework station.

Bag Station
Again I'll post a little something separate about this but in the mean time...
Do you have a spot where you keep your childs backpack or nappy bag for daily outings?
Is it working for you? Could it be improved?
Do you need to create one? Where could that be?
I'll share mine in the next few days.

Would love to see how you organise your school stuff. Please link up your blog posts below or share your pics on our FaceBook page.

Take Care


  1. Hi, i love your ideas! organising the clothes in advance would make things a lot easier!! I will have to keep that in mind and my middle child will be starting preschool this year. I linked my homework station post, and there is also a post on a morning routine that i created to stop the getting ready for school arguments :)

  2. Seeing your picture of the clothes for each day made me smile.
    When my youngest was about 6, I was working in Germany during the week and home at weekends, so MOH had the boys all week on his own.
    On a Sunday evening I laid 5 sets of clothes for my youngest, one for each day. he was at the age when he wanted to dress himself.
    When I got home at the weekend MOH told me that David had been dressing himself everyday but had been adding todays clothes on top of yesterdays, so he had a few layers of undeies etc until MOH realised what he was doing!

  3. Great post! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the homework and bag stations. With four kids I need all the help I can get! :)