Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk 2 ~ Homework Station

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You know how it goes. 8am and your child can't find his homework, you check their bag and it's not there, you contemplate the 'dog ate my homework' excuse. No matter how hard you look you can't find it, then you spy it under the couch!

Creating a Homework Station will hopefully put a stop to all of that.
You don't need a huge area. Just somewhere where you can place a couple of folder and a box to house everything really. even the side of the fridge (if it's accessable will work).
Currently I don't have a homework station as our eldest school child is going into year 11 but our 3 year old will be starting Kindy this year so come July I'll have to have one. Mostly for all the paperwork that comes home at this stage, but later on we'll need one for readers etc at school.

There are a couple of different ways that I have seen that work really well. 

Either a magazine holder for each child to place their books and notes in (preferably as they walk in the door), or a filing system with folders for each child. I saw the most perfect station for this once, unfortunately it was pre Pinterest so I haven't got a pic to share :(

You may wish to combine your homework station with the bag station so that everything is kept together.

If your children are older and it's more notes from school that needs dealing with some of these ideas might work for you

When my boys started in high school and had their homework in their bags I just had to tend to their paperclutter. We had access to the side of our fridge then so I bought some magnetic clips from Big W and labelled them with our names {Brian and I had our own too for work rosters etc} and all notes from school or from sporting clubs etc were kept under the related personal clip. We also had a family one for other stuff too.

Please link up your homework stations using the linky tool below. I'd love to see how you have worked yours.

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  1. At the school my kids used to go to, they had chairbags to store all their school work in throughout the day. When we left the school we were able to take these with us. So this is what I use to put our kids homework in, but unfortunately all sorts of treasures/junk/paper/drawings end up in these bags. Might just have to make new rules about these bags before we go back to school this year! But, I do like the idea of the hanging folders to keep all the notes in. I have 4 school aged kids, and another starting preschool this year!

  2. I remember mum making us chair bags when I was in year 6. It's what the teacher wanted and back then everyone sewed. Teachers these days couldn't dream of asking parents to sew them without backlash these days!