Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk3 ~ Organising a Deep Pantry on a Budget

We have a very deep pantry in our house. While it stored heaps it can be rather difficult to make everything accessable. We are renting too so any changes we wanted to make couldn't be permanent plus I wanted to make sure anything I bought could be easily adapted to use elsewhere whenever we moved from here.

I found the best thing to use was plastic baskets. I'm sure I could have bought some very pretty material lined baskets but they would have added to the cost and while they are very pretty they aren't very practical. Could you imagine soy sauce or something spilling all over those pretty covers???

So here is my pantry and how I have it sorted out.

I'll take you shelf by shelf and starting at the top.

 At the pack is a bag full of plastic folks and spoons, next to that {you can't see it} is a container with plastic plates and bowls and paper napkins ready for birthday parties.
In front are the takeaway containers I freeze individual meals up in for Brian to take to work.

The blue tubs {there is one behind too} store my bulk purchases of herbs and spices.
I house my salt container here too, used mostly for making playdough.

 The grey tubs {again there is one behind} house baking supplies. The ones I use most like dried fruit, choc chips etc are in the front. The one at the back houses dried pulses etc.
In the middle section of the shelf is my desserts station, I need a basket for this area though.
Please ignore the peeling wallpaper the previous owners used as lining, it's aweful!

More of my dessert station.
At the back are my spare flours.
And in front are our beverages ~ spare tea bags, milo, hot chocolates etc

 This shelf holds most of my cooking supplies.
On this side the herbs and spices I use most, along with stock powder and gravy.
Right at the very back are my sunflower, pepita etc seeds. In front of that is cornflour, custard powder, cocoa etc.

This side is flours, sugars, coconut etc all housed in my Tupperware Modular Mates.

 At the back of this shelf is a plastic tub containing pasta. We keep a square container for our sandwich wraps on top of this as it's about the only place it fits.
I have a container that houses packet mixes. I don't buy many. It's mostly packets of french onion and chicken noodle soup in there. But I do have a couple of packets of Ikea meatball gravy and some yoghurt mixes too.
In front are mostly condiments, sauces and spreads.

This side is for cans.
All the canned fruit together, canned pulses together, cans of baked beans and spaghetti together,
and mini cans of flavoured tuna for lunches together too.

 The old wooden bread bin at the back stores all my cake decorating supplies. 
Food colourings, piping bags, patty cases, sprinkles etc.
Infront of that is a glass container that normally stores medium grain rice but we are out.
Then there is the large bottle of tomato sauce and some cordial
{we don't drink cordial much but always keep some on hand}.
Nest to the cordial is a box where we stock things for quick snacks like 2 min noodles, pasta and sauce,
packets of oats and cup a soups.
Essential box for teenagers!

Next is the dry snack box.
Here I keep crackers, my own dry snack mix {recipe coming}
I also keep mini cans of baked beans and spaghetti here for toddler lunches and snacks.
This basket is for the littlies.

Snack box, eggs and some cartons of long life milk.
Right at the back are the flavoured vinegars.

 The botton shelf!
Right at the back is the bread maker,some juice and spare cereal.
In front the vegie bin.

At the back is the deep fryer which I raelly should get rid of as we just don't use it!
Cereals in front.

So that's it!
As you can see I stick to the rule of thumb of keeping like with like. I have the items I use mostly in the middle shelves so they are easily accessable too.

Would love to see your pantries. Please link up below.

Take Care

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  1. Hmmm, we are in a rental also, and we have too have a relatively deep cupboard. My pantry is relatively organised, but after seeing in yours I could do a few things to tweak it! Thanks!!