Monday, January 16, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk3 ~ Pantry storage and Snack organisation

Welcome to week 3 of Let's Get Organised!

How are we all going so far? Sinks shined? School stuff sorted?

This week we are going to continue with a bit of back to school organisation. Again if you don't have kids many of the tasks this week can be adapted to working people or homecarers too.

This weeks missions are:
~ Continue with precious weeks missions
~ Clean out your pantry
~ Create a snack station

Please take a few minutes to find time in your diary  and PLAN these tasks. Write them in and think of them as an appointment you need to keep.

Cleaning out your pantry
I will have a blog post for you tomorrow about how to organise a deep pantry. We have a very deep pantry and are renting too so there is only so much we can do.
But in the mean time it's time to get things sorted to help make meal prep and making lunches quick and easy.
I usually start with the top shelf and work my way down.
I keep like with like. So all the canned foods are together and then sub categorised so that the canned fruit is together, the baked beans together, canned veg together etc etc
Pasta is together, condiments together etc etc
I keep my most used items in the shelves in the middle for easy access and the lest used items like paper plates at the back of the top shelf, they are usually only used for birthdays and christmas.
Make sure you check the dates on items and throw out anything that is passed it. Try to store items in plastic containers if possible. I love Tupperware Modular Mates. Yes they are expensive but they last a lifetime and are excellent for getting the most out of your pantry space. I bought mine years ago and they are still like new!
Keep heavy things like breadmakers etc on the bottom. Our pantry is built in but I still keep this stuff on the bottom.

Create a snack station
Again I'll have another post with more detail for this later this week along with some great snack suggestions and recipes.
But have a though about how you could create a snack station. I actually like to have three! One for dry foods in a basket in the pantry, another shelf or two in the freezer for cakes, scrolls and pizzas and another in the fridge where I keep yoghurts, cheesesticks and fruit.
Obviously you might not need all three stations and your items may be different to mine but the idea is still the same. A place to have ready prepared (hopefully by you) foods that can easily be grabbed and thrown in the lunchbox (or eaten after school).

This week I'll add separate linky tools up to my following posts so pantry stuff isn't mixed up with snack stations etc. Looking forward to see what you all come up with though.

Take Care

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