Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk3 ~ School Snack

For school snacks I like to have everything ready to go so come packing time I can just grab a bit of that and a slice of that.
As I have mentioned before I buy boxes of Shapes, pretzels, popcorn etc and package up into smaller ziplock bags and store in the pantry.

One of the fave things here is a dry mix. It stores for ages in an airtight container, but really it never last the week.
There's no really recipe but I use pretzels, nutrigrain or sultana buds, banana chips and a choice of dried fruit.
You can add whatever you like though. Different cereals, yoghurt covered fruit etc too.

I also like to bake cakes and slices, individually wrap and pop in the freezer. Place straight in the lunchbox frozen, they'll be defrosted buy recess time and will help to keep everything else cool.
You can even freeze whole grapes and my boys used to love frozen yoghurts too. They used to take until lunchtime to defrost though, but if you buy the ones in tubes they aren't too bad by recess.

So here are some of our fave recipes to freeze.

{can adapt this recipe to have all sorts of flavours and fillings}

I'll be trying some new recipes over the weekend too, can't wait to try.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves trying new recipes. So please link up your fave recipes below.
Yes it can be links form othersites too, not just your blog, lets make this a great resource of recipes!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these Becci! I've been on the lookout for some new recipes - I too like to bake and freeze so it's easy on the school mornings. The other thing I love to do is make the sandwiches a week ahead, cut them, wrap them, and pop them into the freezer. I love the look of your milo scrolls recipe - I'm going to give that a go!

  2. Thank you for the recipes Becci. I am desperately trying to get my head around the fact that there is only 1 week till school goes back and am failing lol. I have bookmarked your recipe pages so the kids and I can make some goodies together next week.

  3. Yum Becci...I have a banana ready for that choc banana bread for tomorrow's baking...also like the look of the milo scrolls. Love to have baking done and frozen but unfotunately it just disappears too quickly :)

  4. We tend to have that trouble here too Anny. I try to make something that we can have for now and stuff for the freezer. Or make it when they aren't here!
    Just one tip with the choc banana bread. we of course couldn't wait and cut it while it was still warm and it was a little crumbly, not too bad but a little. But when I cut it when it was completely cold it was fine.