Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk4 ~ Control Centre

One way to keep your household running smoothly is to create a Control Centre. This is were all your paper work is, diaries, calendars, control journals {if you use one} etc are all house.
This is where you sort the mail, put notes from school and other outside activities.
You can easily incorporate your Homework Station into this too.

Now that school has gone back for some and is about to go back for others we need to take a look at our routines too. It doesn't matter if we are SAHMs, WAHMs, or if we work outside of the home we all need a daily routine. We'll also take a look at after school routines.

This weeks missions are:
~ Continue with previous missions - is your sink still shiny? how's the washing going?
~ Create a space for a Control Centre
~ Create a daily routine for the household
~ Create an after school routine

Have a read back through some previous posts for some routine inspiration:
~ Morning Routine
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~ Before Bed Routine
~ Weekly Home Blessing
~ How it all comes together

Here are some ideas for Control Centres:

Now that your appetite is whet, I'll leave you to ponder over where you might be able to set something up.
I'll be back tomorrow with some pics of how I have mine set up and also how one of my readers has created hers. It's awesome and you'll be very excited!

Take Care


  1. Great idea and exactly what I need! Currently all my paperwork etc is dumped at the end of our dining table. It has a habit of taking over the whole table sometimes :'}

  2. Perfect post for the obsessive-compulsive like me. Thank you!

  3. thanks for sharing Becci; my DH keeps all his eftpos receipts as well (most are worthless but occasionally we need one for return purposed) ...was wondering if you keep yours here in your control centre or where? cheers Mazz :)

  4. I personally only keep receipts for things that I think may need returning (mostly clothes or shoes). I have always kept these in my top bedside drawer. Don't ask me why I just have. But yes I know many people who do have a plastic sleeve in their Home Journal that stores receipts.
    Anything with a warranty though has the receipt stapled to it and put in a file in my filing cabinet.

  5. Amazing!! I don't know where to begin in thanking you! I decided after reading your post about getting bits and pieces organised and routines, that I would finally do it! I've attempted to do this many times but never actually followed through! Firstly I did a HEAP of baking and froze it in individual bags. I don't have baskets but bags, one for sweet and one for savoury in the freezer. I will do the same for snacks (after I've done grocery shopping). Having 4 children at school, 1 at preschool and 1 at home, I finally made up a routine for all the kids..... AND IT WORKS!! My 12 yo son hugged me this afternoon thanking me for what I've done! He struggled to eat AT ALL at school last year, now he LOVES having variety and ease! For the past 12 months he's been, well, almost a nightmare, but in the last 2 days (okay, I know it's only 2 days), but he's changed so much. He's so positive, I'm sure (and so is he), that it will continue!! THANK YOU!!

    1. Oh wow Rosie that is fantastic!!! I'm so happy for you all!