Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lets Get Organised Wk4 ~ My Control Centre and linky!

I thought that I'd share my Control Centre. It's not as pretty as I would like but it's practical and it works for us.
I somehow need to work out how to add a homework station in here for when Ethan starts Kindy (will be just for papers at first).

Firstly this is my whole computer area which is the hub of our home.
It sits on one wall in our family room area and is right next to the kitchen.

This is where I keep all of my important things. The folder is my Home Journal that contains my 
cleaning routines, to-do lists, and lists for birthdays and gifts.
In the magazine holder are my books for keeping track of my Lime Tree Creations, Beccis Domestic Bliss, Down To Earth and scrapbooking commitments, plus my LTC order book and diary.

We prefer to keep the keyboard on the main desk top.
So we use the slide out for our interim inboxes.
The one on the left is mine. Has mostly print outs for recipes, patterns and other stuff that I haven't deal with yet.
As you can see it needs going through.
On the right is the household one, which currently holds bills, notes from the school and anything else that needs our attention.

Next to the computer on the right is our filing cabinet. Only the top drawer is used for filing, the other two house extra stationery, my camera and bits, plus associated computer cords etc.

On the side of the fridge is a magnetic clip that houses all Brians work stuff, mostly rosters and paperwork for holiday applications etc

One of my lovely readers has created her Control Centre and I wanted to share it with you.

I know many Aussie girls have been trying to find boxes like this.
Will Sharyn did!!!

Sharyn found the filing boxes at Ikea!
They aren't expensive really either at 2 for $15 and come in black or white.
So why not split the cost with a friend???
The only thing to mention is that these boxes only hold A4 suspension files which you can also buy at Ikea (and apparently KMart to I have heard).
Files are $15 for 16.
The pencil and letter holders she bought to match from The Reject Shop for just a few dollars each too!
Sharyn has printed off the 2012 calendar pages from
The Organised Housewife.
Love these pages as the have a section for Goals and To Do's for the week.

So how awesome is that?! Thanks Sharyn for sharing.

I'd love to see your Conrtol Centres once you have them set up. Please link up below.
Don't forget to link up your Menu Plans in this fortnights post too.

Take Care

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  1. Hi Bec,love this post and photo's of your control centre,i really want to set up a little work station in my unit,which is so tiny!at the moment i have my little lap-top in the corner of my bedroom,and everything is scattered around in different spot's,which is so frustrating,so i am now going to really try and find a little desk,has to be small to fit into a corner here,and have everything in one place,i just have to squeeze it in,somewhere!you have inspired me today to get something organized,thank you,xx Carol