Thursday, January 5, 2012

Menu Plan 5th ~ 18th January

Ahhhh it's so nice to be back to menu planning! It was nice to be more relaxed over Christmas and New Year but not knowing what I was cooking for dinner was starting to wear thin.

We have a couple of birthdays and a wedding this fortnight! I'll still have to cook dinner the night of the wedding as the kids will be staying here with my mum, so better feed them.

One of my goals for this year was too try more new recipes, there's only the one new recipe this fortnight due to the celebrations.

Anyways here's this fortnights menu:

Thurs ~ Easy Spaghetti
Fri ~ Easy dinner {will be out for lunch}
Sat ~ Brians birthday - Chops and veg
Sun ~ Roast chicken lunch - pizza pinwheels for dinner
Mon ~ Steak and veg
Tues ~ Chicken snitzels and veg
Wed ~ Sausages and veg

Fri ~ Apricot chicken
Sat ~ Wedding - kids will have Bolognaise Bake
Sun ~ BBQ Birthday dinner for my brother
Mon ~ Baked chicken and veg
Tues ~ Slow roasted Lamb Shanks
Wed ~ Shepherds Pie {or savoury mince and rice if we run out of spuds}

Baking is a bit of a secret this week. Trying a heap of new recipes ready for some future posts :)

Take Care


  1. Soooo love this whole planning thing, always say im going to do it but never end up doing it. I go shopping on Saturday so i will work out ours for the next fortnight....lots of variety in your house, thats what we need, i have such a lack of imagination. Chicken Teryaki looks yumm. Thanks Becci for being so encouraging lovey xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. This looks great! keen to hear how it all turned out for you!
    May I ask how often you shop for your groceries becci?

  3. Tabby I shop fortnightly for my groceries. I do have money put aside form the budget for fresh fruit and veg and bread though.
    We are paid fortnightly so this works the best for us