Friday, February 3, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk5 ~ My Recipe Organisation

I would doubt that there would be many women out there that doesn't have a pile of loose recipes they have ripped out of magazines stashed somewhere right??
You're not the only one, I have one too! It's a constant work in progress.
I used to buy about 3-4 cooking mags a month. I did that for about 5 years. Then I realised that things were just getting repeated so I went through them all, ripped out what I wanted and passed them onto friends.
So I had a huge pile. A couple of years ago I went through that pile and culled it severely.
Then I found a folder full of older recipes I had completely forgotten about ooops!

So I am now in the process of cooking my way through them.

How do I sort them you ask. Well there are lots of ways you can do it. You can have a folder with plastic sleeves to place all the recipes in and that works for some. But I like to rummage through them myself.

The small fifth pile are recipes of Brians that I kept separate.

So the other night I set to sort them out. I wanted 4 piles. One for recipes we have tried and that need writing into my folder (more about that in a minute), one for culled recipes, one for sweet and one for savoury.

 I bought this pack of three binder folders at Officeworks. I placed the piles into these and then put the files into my Home Journal. Obviously the culled recipes went in the recycling.

This is my recipe folder. My mum bought if for me years ago. It did used to look different, I have recently decorated it to make it pretty.

Inside it has six dividers and some plastic sleeves to pop the pesky rip out recipes in.
It also has two thick plastic dividers that you can move and place over the recipe you are using to stop the page form getting dirty!
I have recently decided to change the categories of the dividers so the recipes in the front there need rewriting. Plus I have all of those other recipe that need writing in too!
I'll write out a couple a day until they are done. Will take a while but at least they'll be done then.

So that's my recipe organisation. What's yours? Link up below I'd love to see it!

Take Care


  1. Hi Becci, Just wanted to say a big thank you for motivating me to attack my clutter. I don't know how you've managed it, but you have. By tackling areas in small steps I have made great progress. Something about 'shine your sink' everyday was the catalyst that I needed.

    30 days + sink shined everyday
    Fridge & Freezer Inventory taken
    30 days + Menu Planning completed
    Control Center set up and running
    Recipe Folder ready for input

    All down to you !!!!!

  2. WTG Simple Soul!!
    That is an awesome effort.
    I'm so glad I was able to inspire you.
    An it is all down to you! you are the one doing the hard yards!!!!

  3. I love recipe folders. I have the ones from Kikki K; a red and blue recipe folder and a baking folder. But i like to see the pictures of the recipes so rather than rewrite them i cut them out, stick them on some lecture paper and just pop them in the folder. I have however a huge pile i need to go through because i'm insistant that none go into the folder unless i've tried them and like them. I have sorted out my "pile" in an accordion file under categories like chicken, pork, salad etc.