Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's Get Organised Wk7 ~ Kitchen Cupboards

How are we all going working in the kitchen? How's the menu planning going? I'm just about ready to start working on my next fortnight.

This week we are going to tackle some kitchen cupboards.

This weeks missions:
~ Declutter and organise your plastics cupboard
~ Declutter and organise you utensil drawer/s
~ Declutter and organise your platters

I was lucky to receive a new cutlery and crockery set for Christmas. So guess what I spent Christmas night doing? Washing and drying all the new stuff and then reorganising my drawers and cupboards. Not all of the just the cutlery and utensil drawers and the crockery shelf.

Here are my befores of my cutlery and utensil drawers and my crockery shelf:

and after:

I got rid of nearly all of our old cutlery. Only kept the soup spoons as this new set didn't have any.
Handed all the old stuff onto Bryce who's moved out of home.
I used takeaway containers to sort out the small stuff.
One for spare drink bottle tops we picked up at the $2 store,
another for the kids cutlery,
and one last one for vegie peelers, can openers, corn forks, etc

I have used a Tupperware container to put the cookie cutters in.
Another small container to house the smaller pieces.

Love my new dinner set!

So there you go, there is this weeks missions and my examples for you. Would love to see how you organise yours. Please link up your post below.

Take Care


  1. I can manage to get my cupboards quite neat, but then you have kids that do the dishes and a good few hours work is ruined in a small space of time!! Particularly my plastics cupboard!! I never know how to store all my plastics. I used to keep all the bottoms separate to a container that held all the lids - but then my husband complained that nobody ever knew which lid belonged with which bottom. So, I then reorganised everything and put tops and bottoms together, but then after the dishes are done they never end up back in the cupboard "together" again!! Help please!!

    1. I know your pain!
      When we had both teenagers at home, one would wash, the other put away. It was a nightmare! Drive me insane. Pregnancy hormones certainly didn't help things either.
      Now the eldest has grown up and moved out so the remaining teenager (16yo today!) washes on the nights he's home and I put them away in the morning.
      Would be so nice if I didn't have to put them away but honestly it's so much less stress with me doing it as I know where everything goes and put things away right, I don't just throw it in the cupboard!
      I do keep my lids in a basket. I find it so much easier. It's usually me that puts food away although Randall does do some when he cleans up form dinner (leftover which are quite a rarity really lol), but he seems to know which container goes with which lid. If he doesn't he asks or just tries lids until one fits (or resorts to plastic wrap which irks me!). He has soon learnt which is which.

  2. I'm going to have to dig deep to complete this one !

  3. Job done but only under sufferance. Spent 4 hrs tidying garage at weekend, no problem. This one I had to force myself to do. Funny isn't how some jobs are more appealing than others?