Monday, February 20, 2012

Lets Get Organised Wk8 ~ Creating Routines and where I went wrong

I want to let you all in on a little secret. The last few weeks I have been struggling. Struggling with my routines.
Things haven't been running as smoothly since we got back from holidays in September. But I was starting to get myself out of that funk. I wrote up a new routine for the week and all was starting to go well.
Then it was Christmas. I gave myself a week or two off over Christmas and New Year. I didn't set my alarm to wake {unless it was needed}, the kids woke me every morning. I pottered around, no rushing. Basically gave myself a bit of a holiday.
Then come monday the 9th of January I was to get back into it. And I just haven't been able to.
On top of all that the boys sleeping patterns have changed so I am not getting that down time in the afternoon anymore. Eli's still sleeping ok but going down later, but Ethan is prepping for kindy and dropping his sleeps.

Late last week Brian and I have a big discussion about 'stuff' and one of the things that we discussed was my lack of mojo. I honestly haven't been bothered doing much. Yep the basics are done and the house isn't a total bomb. But those extra things like dusting and cleaning the bathrooms, haven't been done nearly often enough and have often been left for Brian to do.

So now the self butt kicking begins.

I am sitting down every sunday and planning my week. Then taking 5 mins every night to plan for the next day and have it all sorted in my head.
I am getting up at 7am, with the plan to bring that slowly back to a 6.30 start so I can fit more blogging time in.
I need to change a couple of things around in my schedule and then make sure I stick with it!

So that brings us to this weeks missions. Please take the time to plan for these missions and write them into your diary.

This weeks missions:
~ Create a before bed, morning and afternoon routine
~ Implement them
~ Set the table every night and eat your meals there

I'm sure you have all heard the data about how beneficial eating at the table as a family is so I won't bother to go there. Lets just do it.
We eat together as a family at the dining table almost every night of the week.
Occasionally when Brian isn't home the kids and I will eat here in the family room, but not often.

While I would love to have a lovely table cloth on my table for us to eat at but with a 3 and 2yo that is just crazy talk.

So this is how our table is set.
We have a table protector on our table.
There is normally a table cloth on it, but I take it off to eat our dinner.
Kids have placemats they got form the MCHN. Ours are form a linen party.
Cutlery and cups/glasses.
I love to have a jug of water on the table. Love this jug.

So please take the time to set your table and eat there every day this week!

Would love for you to link up your routines, thoughts and table settings.

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  1. I love that you use placemats! It's so rare these days! I'm pulling mine out of the finished-projects-pile, and throwing them on the table tonight (and I'll whip up some more tomorrow, so we have extras for washing days)

  2. I know what you mean Becci, my basics are working but the extras are out of routine and the mopping and other things aren't getting done. I really appreciate this post.